Monday, September 9, 2013


I am a member of the horror community. If I had to pick my place or job within the horror community it's probably somewhere along the line of town drunk or insane guy with a sign screaming something about the end of times. That or I'm the guy about to drink Viper on the street corner. Sometimes I feel like the Charles Bukowski of the horror community and others I feel like the Roger Fucking Rabbit, overexcited, overindulged and I get to fuck Jessica Rabbit at the end of the day (read into that only the nicest of things). I am not an enforcer or a police officer or one who performs citizens arrests, but I saw something tonight that screams for at least a disorderly conduct ticket. Perhaps a small fine and community service. 
Let's speak in outright abstractions because that works best for these kinds of issue. Consider this an open letter to the individual who published an article about a few popular movies that obviously NO ONE has seen. We can't name names, but this person published, with malicious intent a top five list detailing some of the most popular horror films of all time and listed them as "That you've never seen". I find this behaviour despicable. It does not keep within the conduct of an upstanding member of the horror community and belittles us all and the author himself.

How could someone publish a  humorous, ironic, exaggeration, that exposes and criticizes people's ignorance or lack of knowledge about movies that are plastered along Facebook as if they were permanent pieces of graffiti. This particular piece was in the style of many popular lists of the day. It belittles the reader. It belittles the author. It is not in the best interest of the horror community. It points out that no matter how many lists we make, our list is not the ultimate. Our list is not the apex. A list is both subjective and it is also simply for fun. Anyone can make a list, and in making list of the most popular of the genre in the guise of piece of little known fact, is humorous. And it does not apologize for being funny. It does however require a certain degree of understanding of literary device and style. Sarcasm. Satire. Irony. These are the tools of the internet soap box stander. I assure you they are a tool for good.

In closing, let's be kind to one another and try to recognize satire. Let's realize that sometimes articles are published with the intention of starting a dialogue and not hating on the readers. Why would a blogger, a member of the horror community ever want to hurt his readers? We love the genre. We love to talk about. We love to be social about it. Sometimes we experiment (bi-curious blogger day the next big thing?). Sometimes we like to explore new writing styles. Sometimes it's important to read more than headlines or look at pictures and relearn that humor is a bug in your ear telling you to get the damn tweezers, or you'll lose your goddamn brain.


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