Sunday, September 22, 2013

TRIGGER POINTS: Blood on the Boobs Dedicated to the coming MADNESS!!!

It's nearly October. That means that autumn is upon us. Halloween season is in full pumpkin-carving massacre, and the HALLOWEEN HORROR MOVIE MARATHON MADNESS is about to rule post, pre-show and get underway. As a grateful co-host this year alongside the fabulous EKG (Elizabeth Katheryn Gray you filthy dogs), we are about to get nasty with each an every participant that makes the grade, ponies up and decides to be part of the most shocking movie watching competition this side of Nastyville. Not just nasty. Video Nasty.

This year's THEME is PORTRAIT OF A VIDEO NASTY, A look into government censorship and extreme cinema. So that means you're going to be getting some extra points if you watch movies that have a BAD reputation with the MAN. Just by watching anyone of the selected features that are within this year's theme will make you a part of the grand tradition of offering a big FUCK YOU to any number of governmental censorship bodies throughout history. Consider this a time to understand the history of film in a completely unique way; from the perspective of the desperate horror film dorks of yesteryear, scurrying about under the radar trying to pry banned or restricted movies from the cold dead hands of Parliment or the MPAA or whomever prevents art from being shown no matter how many gallons of blood are on the boobies. By bootleg, by VHS, by traveling across borders to watch movies.

To celebrate the upcoming Madness Rule Post September 22nd after  7 PM Broadcast of DOLLAR BIN HORROR RADIO! EKG has put together her first series of Video Nasty based animated GIFS. It's her first time. Be gentle. (filth implied!).  Most of these images feature blood on boobs, a trigger point for which movies were banned or restricted under the Video Recording Act of 1984 in the UK. Images of blood on the naked body was seen to encourage and promote violence against women. Penalty for possession or distribution of a "Video Nasty" could be severe including imprisonment, fines and forfeiture of property. Remember that though we love these films now and that we celebrate their banning, lives were destroyed by possession of the films. Let's not let it happen again, mmkay?

Let's make a fun lil game of this. In the comment section below let us know from which movie each of the GIF below comes from.

Now how do you follow along with the MADNESS? You're welcome join the group and follow the fun.
Most of the year this is a mild mannered horror geek group. But come late September this becomes the Fiercest Film Watching Competition on Facebook! Can people survive a whole month on nothing but a diet of steady horror? Follow along HERE, try to enter. Check out the rules. Remember that space is limited, bragging rights to the victor. 

Important dates and items on the itinerary:

7 PM EDT: Join the Head Hauntress, Eric Polk and Rhonda Kachur as we discuss THE RULES on a special broadcast of Dollar Bin Horror Radio.

8PM EDT: RULE POST. I will post a Facebook note on the MADNESS GROUP Thread sometime after the Broadcast ends at 8 PM. If you want one of 30 ACTIVE MADNESS SLOTS, clcik the Note's link and comment in the thread "I'm In!" simple as that.

I hope if you are actively participating or not, you enjoy the festivities.

Not part of the group yet? Join here HALLOWEEN HORROR MOVIE MARATHON MADNESS: Portrait of a Video Nasty!


As former a former number 2 in the Madness to the current reigning champion, team lead of TEAM ARDATH BEY CITY ROLLERS (winning team of 2012) and reinging DBHR Horror Jeopardy Champion as well as current judge and co-host of the MADNESS, I can tell you that I'm excited to be back, excited to see what ya'll will dig up to watch and hopefully that by the end of this thing we can all eat a nice bowl of turtle soup and watch Cannibal Holocaust together... and laugh.

My team this year will be TEAM THATCH SNATCH, named after Margaret Thatcher, the milk snatcher of the UK who not only stole milk from the mouths of school kids, but also assisted in the propugation of restrictive laws like the Video Recording Act of 1984. 



  1. Well the first GIF is from SS Love Camp (The Beast in Heat), 7 down is Cannibal Holocaust, two more down is I Spit on Your Grave.

  2. Burning, Cannibal Holocaust, I Spit on your Grave, Last house on the Left, and Beyond.

  3. Cannibal Holocaust, I Spit on Your Grave, and Last House on the Left are the only ones I recognize. Clearly, I'll need to watch more during the Madness.