Tuesday, October 15, 2013

First Friday Fright Night Recap: HALLOWEEN DOUBLE FEATURE!!!

First Friday Fright Night is a delight for horror fans. What's better than screening classic horror pictures on 35mm surrounded by friends in a classic balcony draped theater in the middle of Phoenixville, PA? Throw in some good popcorn. Add the fact that the theater is the venue in which the original Blob was filmed. Add some excellent exhibitors who have made it their job to preserve good film for good horror friends. This is why you drive two hours to watch any horror movie and not just the double feature I had the pleasure to participate in this past weekend. First Friday Fright Night featured Halloween and Halloween 2 with an amazing turn out this past Friday, and I don't think that I ever thought I would get the chance to see either one of these in the theater separately much less together. This is a true dream ticket.

I wasn't entirely sure I could go to the show, and then my buddy Frank won tickets from a caption contest through Horror, Sci-Fi and More, a fan page on Facebook promoting and presenting this show alongside the First Friday crew. Frank ended up with a sick family and couldn't make it out, but he bequeathed his tickets to me, and I wouldn't miss it if I could make it to the show. I had flown out for Chicago the night before and was exhausted. The Colonial is a two hour drive from me, and the First Friday shows don't let out until around 2 when they double feature. I truly need to purchase a timeshare in central Jersey/Philly so I can stay over night when I go to these events because the drive home is like a fantastic, travel horror movie about to happen.  The biggest problem seems to be that my GPS takes me there with perfect direction, built for speed and comfort on the way there. On the way home, it always drops me in the middle of the east PA hills... it's like a damn hillbilly horror film waiting to happen. I sucked it up, girded my loins, grabbed my testicles and went. Alongside my compadre Thomas of Last Blog on Dead End Street, we sat in the balcony and discussed the finer things in life... LSD. He's a great friend, and I'm glad we got to share anecdotes in between "good scenes".

I made sure to pick up a Quiltface Studios' new Halloween print with spectacular black light effect, and while I was there I grabbed a raffle ticket. Figured what harm would it do. $1. Maybe Chris G. would buy a coke or something. Well, it turned out that I actually won the raffle. What did I win? Three screen prints. Popcorn, Prom Night and his Italian Splatterfest 2 (which I didn't get to go to because I was traveling from North Carolina that same day... booo). I love Quiltface's work and you best like their fan page as well. Make sure to support his limited releases. Check out his store NOW.

Also, we need to Ian's Pumpkin Carving. This guy has talent and created some beautiful foam pumpkin renditions of the Halloween posters. Please support this artist and his craft. Like this fan page. Contact him and buy his wares. I have definite plans to buy something from him in the near future (near future always means tax return season).

The prints were beautiful, appropriately beaten up but clearly watchable. The audience reaction is always great at something like this because the fans know what's coming. Watching people see Halloween 2 for the first time is priceless especially during the hammer scene. I've been watching that flick since it was on TV when I was a youngster, so to watch people be afraid of it.. it warms my heart. Incidentally it's my favorite Halloween movie. I think it's the scariest. Something about being vulnerable at a hospital.  Other highlights include watching Nancy Loomis take her shirt off, see PJ Soles' boobies on the big screen and getting a really close look at the Myers' mask. I will say this. After watching this for the second time in a months' time, I really want to pick up a bootleg complete cut with all the TV footage added back. That's the only way to truly understand and appreciate the story. It feels less serious without the full back story.

This evening was grand, and I hope to make it out to the First Friday Fright Night screening of Tales from the Crypt come November 1st. Fingers crossed.

A heartfelt thanks and all my love in my goddamn heart goes out to Frankie Frank Browning and the Funkie Bunch,  The Colonial Theatre, First Friday Fright Night, Horror Sci-Fi and More, Quiltface and all the friends I had had the pleasure of talking to (I'm looking at you Bryce, Lombardo and Mrs., Kingsmill and new friends.


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