Wednesday, October 23, 2013

I Want My (Horror) MTV: Music Videos as Horror Shorts Episode 2

Back in August we put out the first article in a series that we'll be doing semi-regularly. You want your MTV, but you want it done right... with music videos. That'd be swell. Well what if it were also purely horror based. Horror VJ's (uhh hmm... horror hosts), horror product commercials, horror music videos or at least music videos that watch like mini-movies/shorts. Can you imagine if Downtown Julie Brown talked about Billy Idol because White Wedding was featured in Demons? What if Kurt Loader was giving you the latest in horror release news, controversy and annoucing the newest Goblin world tour?

It's a dream we can help you out with, but only slightly. Enjoy the videos below and share your own with us. If you have a video that fits the theme, drop a link in the comment section or if you want to see it featured in a future episode, email it to me at

Do you wanna party? It's party time!

Mortician - "Madman"

I stumbled upon this one while enjoying Ian Christie's Bloody Roots. This is a program on SiriusXM that takes you down heavy metal's history with a cohesive thread that creates a clear line of development of either subgenre, particular artists or theme. They features Slashers this last show (which I listed to on YouTube to explore new music). Here's the original article to enjoy. This is a great one guys.

Rival Schools - "Wring It Out"

Straight out of the Exorcist comes this little indie band putting out some music that I'm kind of sort of into, but who's video sensibilities are top notch. Enjoy this homage to the Friedkin classic (or maybe it's closer to Beyond the Door).

Alice in Chains - "I Stay Away"

Growing up, in the early 90's meant I got into grunge. Alice in Chains was one of my favorite acts and even though they seemed to cross the line between metal and alternative music, they were always heavy and dark and creepy. Layne Staley's voice is just eerie. Well this music video is the quintessential, doomed fate tale at a carnival ready to go straight to Hell. There's some truly dark shit going on here people. Every time I mow the lawn, I look for evil little bugs that might try to kill me.

Green Jelly - "Little Pig, Little Pig"

You know the story... three pigs. A wolf. Blowing. Well Green Jelly (Jello to those of you who remember a thing or two about history) gave us a claymation vision of the classic tale complete with drugs and violence and a completely new ending. 

Atra Aeterna - "Exit to Nowhere"

I believe my trust friend, Shawn Savage, dropped me this link. It's a true mini movie with some ambiant, electronic music. Here's a zombie video you may not have seen yet. 
Rob Zombie - "American Witch"

We all know that Rob Zombie makes horror music and movies, but this music video in particular seems to have more a of linear story or at least a narrative that you can follow. Take a ride with the American Witch.

The Misfits - "Scream"

Hey let's see what happens when we combine the greatest horror punk band of all time with the guy who invented the modern zombie movie, George Romero. Here's a hospital based zombie flick short complete with the gore you adore.

Here's the link to the original article. We'll push out a new one soon. 


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