Sunday, October 20, 2013

Idle Hands (Blu-ray): Must Watch Halloween Viewing

Let’s cut right to the chase. I’m new to Idle Hands. When it was initially released, I really didn’t dig the cover art or the trailer. Working at Blockbuster Video, I was forced, day in and out to listen to the same one liners and pretty much decided, without seeing the movie, that I disliked it. I realize that this is completely unfair to the release. To be fair to myself, I was 19 years old and really only into obscure gore pictures and my budding love for Italian Horror. Idle Hands didn’t cross my eyeballs again until this past summer when a dear friend of mine (or all of them really) declared that I was unfit to continue calling myself a horror fan until I had had the chance to form an opinion about Idle Hands. Do you think I liked it?

Who’s murdering all the townspeople? Why YOU are of course! Only I assure you that you have no control over it, and by the way, you get to feel up Jessica Alba’s ass. Murder can’t be all that bad, especially if your body is in control of itself and you have no way to prevent the naughtiness, homicidal or sexual. Idle Hands do the devil’s work? You better hope so, horror fans. Make sure to smell your idle fingers, buddy boy.

Yes. Yes, Yes, I loved it. It’s a brilliant movie for Halloween, and we should count ourselves lucky to have such a beautiful picture to watch on our oversized televisions. The audio on this particular movie is important given the rather pop friendly soundtrack. The quality of the Blu-ray release of Idle Hands is without question, perfect. The story itself is refreshing. It may have been a partial victim of the post-Scream semi-meta horror cycle with formula teen crew in tow, but since it doesn’t try to be deep or take itself too seriously, you end up laughing rather than hating your protagonist. Likable characters make good horror movies. Jessica Alba.. makes horror movies better (because she’s so nice… and hot… read that HOT). Seth Green… is always funny. The gore is appropriate. The opening is terrifying; even for a lighthearted movie I kind of get the chills solely based on appropriate use of dramatic timing.

Extras? You get nothing. Good day, sir. No features, so you probably should just watch the movie another time or two and make up your own commentary track. Show it during Halloween. Get some use out of this non-horror fan friendly movie. I can watch it, but I think that it’s lighthearted enough to be enjoyed by the casual spookster or even, the dreaded Halloween trendy, only comes out for AMC Frightfest mofo. The packaging is the traditional release cover art/poster and for that we thank the distributor.

You can pick up Idle Hands NOW.

Make sure to watch this with someone with whom you don’t want to keep your hands to yourself enjoying the haunt scares.


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