Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Room 237 Blu-ray Review: Just In Time for Re-Watching The Shining for Halloween

What excellent timing for Room 237 to make it's way into your life. Stephen King's follow up book to The Shining, Doctor Sleep, is hitting shelves as I write this. It's October,and that means some of you will be enjoying the Kubrick "adaptation" of the King novel (however loose). This is the best time to watch the movie, get scared and then watch Room 237, the conspiracy theorist handbook to Kubrikc's The Shining, and then re-watch The Shining to see how you could have possible missed all those great theories yourself. Hell, come up with a new one of your own Room 237 esque theories.

Synopsis from IFC:

After the box office failure of Barry Lyndon, Stanley Kubrick decided to embark on a project that might have more commercial appeal. The Shining, Stephen King’s biggest critical and commercial success yet, seemed like a perfect vehicle. After an arduous production, Kubrick’s film received a wide release in the summer of 1980; the reviews were mixed, but the box office, after a slow start, eventually picked up. End of story? Hardly. In the 30 years since the film’s release, a considerable cult of Shining devotees has emerged, fans who claim to have decoded the film’s secret messages addressing everything from the genocide of Native Americans to a range of government conspiracies. Rodney Ascher’s wry and provocativeRoom 237 fuses fact and fiction through interviews with cultists and scholars, creating a kaleidoscopic deconstruction of Kubrick’s still-controversial classic.


The number one reason to pick up this release if you've already seen the movie and loved it is the brief making of feature about the score. It's amazing to see how that piece of beautiful music came into being. Even more so is the Mondo Poster Design detailed explanation from artists Aled Lewis. He'll show you what you just can't see with your naked, untrained eye. He fits symbolism into every inch of the poster (the stunning limited release, unavailable poster). 

Bonus material on the specially packaged ROOM 237 Blu-ray and DVD includes:

* "The mstrmnd Speaks: Commentary with Kevin McLeod." McLeod is a key figure in the online examination of Kubrick's film.

* "Secrets of The Shining," an hour-long panel discussion from the first Stanley Film Festival, an event at Colorado's historic Stanley Hotel, which inspired one-time guest Stephen King to write his novel.

* 11 Deleted Scenes

* The Making of the Music Featurette

* Mondo Poster Design Discussion with Artist Aled Lewis

* Trailers

The film itself a collection of theories. Do not expect formal interviews with people sitting in chairs, armchairing it up. This is a true work of editing genius. It features clips from movies and explanatory stills and video sewn together with meaningful dialogue providing theories that while they may seem half baked, will provoke the thoughts right out of your inquisitive brain.

You can check out my full length review of the film:

Room 237 (2013): Choose Your Own Conspiracy Theory

You can pick up Room 237 HERE. Available now.


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