Friday, October 18, 2013

STATIC (2012) Review

I didn’t watch Todd Levin’s status in 3D. I want to get that off my chest before I make my next statement. Why did it get a 3D release at all, and why do we need three discs for a movie that could easily do with two, a Blu-ray and DVD? Say nothing of content, story, acting or cinematography. Why was this movie a candidate for 3D marketing and creation? Static follows a couple struggling to keep it together after the loss of a child only to be challenged by a band of costumed attackers. There’s got to be more than that to this release right? Otherwise we’ll be just calling Static a slightly better production valued version of You’re Next. It’s not, but it also isn’t as suspenseful or challenging as You’re Next. It may look polished and pretty, but it doesn’t feel like it jumps out of the TV even in two dimensions.

Synopsis (from Cinedigm):

STATIC centers on a young novelist and his wife who are coping with the loss of their child. Their lives are turned upside down when a panicked girl appears at their home in the middle of the night with stories of masked intruders stalking her. That night the stalkers strike, sending the couple on horrific game of cat and mouse, where they are forced to uncover shocking details from their past that may be the reason for the attack.


Static looks pretty as I mentioned before. The whole thing flows nicely and the story is well told though it appears to be the same story we’ve heard over and over again. If you can wait it out and get to the punch line you’ll be a happy viewer. Without patience, Static will just make you feel like you’re watching generic home invasion story X. The end is Static’s strong suit. Unfortunately you’ have to sit through a movie you’ve seen reproduced often and with more brutality leaving you to wonder why you’re not simply popping in a movie like You’re Next or The Strangers (though admittedly those are two completely unique movies from each other as well). Like I said, see it through, forget that you’ve felt more suspense from other, similar movies and you will have your thoughts provoked. That leads me to believe that Static would have been a brilliant short. Fifteen minutes of story filled with 75 or so of generic, home invasion filler.

The costuming isn’t especially intriguing though it feels like it’s taking a page out of the My Bloody Valentine fashion guide. We’re used to better masks than this. Everyone’s trying to find the next one; the costume/mask that creeps you out. Static doesn’t have it. From the minute you put your eyes on the front cover you’ll know what to expect (until the end of course).

Static does offer rather excellent performances from all involved. That’s a plus. You’d only wish that they had a more original world and plot in which to create these rather enjoyable characters. You feel sympathy for them. They create mystery. The attackers seem to be the things without a story and don’t inspire a feeling of dread. They’re timid. Perhaps that’s the point, and if you sit through the whole thing maybe that will lend itself to good storytelling. They aren’t inspired or panic-inducing. That’s all part of the grand design from the get go and unfortunately that’s not what instinct tells us as viewers to want from a movie like Static; that’s not what our mama and papa makes us WANT to feel. It’s off putting which should actually work to Static’s advantage but ends up feeling wishy washy and underwhelming.

So stick around for the end to get the max out of this movie. The disc itself contains three different discs and a commentary track. You can pick up Static NOW.

One last word before I drop this one into your eyeballs for evaluation. The tag line, “ If you hear them coming, you’re already dead”…that’s actually quite clever. Perhaps that’s the best reason to watch the movie if for no other reason than to prove me wrong and find this movie inspired and original.


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