Wednesday, October 30, 2013

THE CONJURING (Blu-ray Review): Immersing Yourself in the Legend

The Conjuring has given me a great fortune of fear this year. I have thought about it in the darkest hours of the morning when I hear strange sounds in my house. I think about it as I walk away from a closet or as I stare into a mirror late at night. I wait for my kids to tell me about their ghostly imaginary friends, and I’m glad I don’t hang my laundry. I’m also glad I didn’t buy 200 acres of land on a deal that is too good to be true. That’s The Conjuring. The perfect spook movie for Halloween, well made for its budget and ripe for scaring the meek or the monsters. It will be in my top 5 movies at the end of the year, and I truly hope that it allows James Wan’s other movies to become even more embedded in the public image of what a horror movie can and must be.

October 22nd saw the release of the Blu-ray disc which is what we’re here to discuss. For my full movie review, theatrically please follow the bouncing hyperlink HERE. I haven’t stopped thinking about this feature since I watched it in July. If you’re lucky enough to have a theater screening it, make sure to get out to see it.

The story thus far for those of you who haven’t been glued to Halloween programming or haven’t Redboxed your faces off: Family moves into house which is apparently haunted by something (something to be named or identified later). Crack duo of paranormal investigators The Warrens come in to try and de-ghost the house. What they uncover is darker and more menacing than any spirit they have come in contact before that will shake the fabric of their beings, their faith and their entire existence. That’s pretty heavy.

The Blu-ray disc is a very nice 1080p HD widescreen edition that looks as good as it did in the theater though I would recommend a nice sound system to take full advantage of the 5.1 surround sound to get the full effect of the true frightening audio for which this movie should be nominated for an academy award. This print doesn’t look digitized and the effects hold up on the small screen. It also contains multiple language options which I considered putting on to see if the on screen frights hold up purely on visuals, but alas, did not.

Your extras are powerful editions to the story of The Conjuring or, as it is advertised, “Based on the True Case Files of The Warrens”. “The Conjuring: Face-to-Face with Terror” is an account of the events portrayed in the movie as told by the family that actually experienced them, The Perrons. It seals the deal and may just make you question your own blind “I don’t believe in ghosts” attitude. “A Life in Demonology“ is pretty damn cool as well, again reinforcing some of the concepts of The Conjuring and trying to sell you the existence of the great paranormal other that James Wan creates for you. The “Scaring the Shit Out of You” feature allows Mr. Wan to give his own views on the making of The Conjuring and just how he made you THAT scared. I love this guy’s accent.

You can pick up The Conjuring now. It’s at all the major stores and is perfect for All Hallow’s Eve. Better get cracking if you want to make it part of your special night. Make sure to buy some rubber sheets if you’re watching it in bed. You’ll piss yourself.


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