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Some people actually hate the Walking Dead. It surprises me, but I usually find that it’s people who gave up after the initial season or couldn’t get “off the farm” in the second season. I’m here to tell everyone that we’re off the farm. We’re headed straight for a place that only Johnny Cash could sing about though admittedly it’s not in Folsom. We’re gonna have to fight ‘the man” and they’re gonna call him “The Governor”. We’re going to meet some old friends along the way or perhaps just their ghosts. This is your review of Season 3 of The Walking Dead in its packed Blu-ray release.

After watching several marathons of the entire season over the last “off season”, I’m ready to tell you that this is the most watchable of the three seasons. It has the most action, gore and character development thus far and creates its own world and zombie mythology. Basic premise for those of you who didn’t get off the farm (we’re not going back to the CDC… catch up or let the walker take you). The farm is overrun by walkers, and everyone scatters. Some escape with their lives and others simply become food for the undead. The majority of the group who survive reconvene and form a tight alliance in search of a new home; the new home (as Season 2 closes) is a looming gargantuan building that we all know is a prison. That’s where Season 3 starts, finding and moving into the new home, meeting the neighbors, waiting for new babies and introducing new characters.

Season 3 is jam packed with action. This is the season that took what the fans were saying to heart during the second season and put it all on the table. While there are episodes that involve more setup, character development and are more subtle than others, each episode gives the viewer some juicy morsel. Whether it’s the death of a major character or a simply a truly gritty gore piece involving the undead, Season 3 never had me tapping my foot and watching the clock. That was the major complaint from Season 2; that it dragged through the entire second act through the entire middle. The only thing that will disturb fans this season is some of the shocking plot twists and perhaps a few false starts and stops that prime your pump and then hang you out for zombie bait.

From AMC's website, a full episode list with links to the synopsis for each (if you're inclined to snoop before watching the whole season). 

Season 3

Walk With Me
Killer Within
Say the Word
When the Dead Come Knocking
Made to Suffer
The Suicide King
I Ain't a Judas
Arrow on the Doorpost
This Sorrowful Life
Welcome to the Tombs
Season 3 Recap

The whole package is rounded out by traditional but convenient Blu-ray multi-disc packaging (though there is a fish tank/head tank super edition out there).

Features include:

Rising Son - a feature on casting Chandler Riggs for Walking Dead and what it means to have a child in the Walking Dead

Evil Eye - feature on casting and importance of The Governor 

Gone, But Not Forgotten  - feature on one of the character's who dies during Season 3 (this will spoil shit)

Heart of a Warrior - spotlight on Michone

Michone vs. The Governor - discusses the conflict/rivalry between these two perfect opponents
Safety Bars - a look at the prison

Making The Dead - effects reel for zombie creation 

Guts And Glory - a look at the gore!

There are five audio commentaries on episodes 4,5, 8, 9 and 15 as well as deleted scenes for Walk With Me, Say the Word, Hounded, Home, I Ain’t No Judas and Clear. Audio comes in 7.1 TrueHD . 1080p widescreen.

Season 4 is in full swing, and it wastes no time in continuing with a fast paced, brutal assault on our fearless survivors. The story never falters, and even into this new season we see the constant evolution of characters transforming from scared people to people ready to fight to warriors taking on the dead and the living and even their own personal ghosts. It’s important to remember that The Walking dead is a human story first. That zombies aren’t truly the focal point although Nicoterro and company certainly bring the gooey gore in S.3 which will at least keep the Walkers secure in your memory. Head stomps for everyone!

You can pick up the Walking Dead Season 3 now on Blu-ray or DVD.


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