Saturday, November 9, 2013

Die! Die! My Darling! - The Classic Hammer on DVD

This Doc right here is a fan of Hammer Films. That goes for monster movies, strange noir pieces or even demented old ladies who lock up their dead son’s former girlfriends. I even enjoyed The Snorkel which may be one of the more unassuming murder mystery/thriller’s of our the entire Hammer bunch (save for the pre-50’s Hammer). Today we’re going to talk about Die! Die! My Darling! First and foremost this movie piqued my interest because of The Misfits song of the same name. It was one of my favorites as a kid (though it was no Vampira or Nike A Go Go), and I even had a reprint of the classic Misfits/Necros concert poster featuring the half skeleton’d woman with a wine glass on my wall. It’s still one my favorite images though not embraced by Hammer on the Sony Choice Collection edition. 

The movie itself is suspenseful and almost nagging. Every time you see a way for our heroin/victim to escape from the clutches of the malicious, psychotic Mrs. Trefoile (Tallulah Bankhead) something seems to get her way. Donald Sutherland plays a gardener hell bent on helping out the Mrs., stumbling and gigantic and brutish. This is about as un-Sutherland as you can get (I believe it was later this year that Sutherland made his way to Amicus for Dr. Terror’s House of Horrors).

This picture doesn’t really hold up over time. We’ve gotten very good at this type of suspense movie in recent years. We’ve removed the corny, ham-ish dialogue and replaced it with aggressive brutality. Maybe Die Die My Darling is better for that or at least is a picture of a simpler time when the one you kidnap to terrorize could live a bit longer with a little less blood and gore on her clothes. For that it makes for a nice introduction into the horror/suspense genre for younger audiences.

This particular addition really doesn’t contain much except a good copy of the film with classic cover poster art (surrounded by the Sony Choice background which takes away from it).

You can pick up Die Die My Darling now.


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