Tuesday, November 12, 2013

DOOMSDAY DESIGNS GIVEWAY - Silent Night Deadly Night - 8 Bit Poster!

We've got a new giveaway for you holiday horror lovers. This one is courtesy of long time associate, friend and brother from another motha, Frank Browning and his new artists collective, DOOMSDAY DESIGNS!!! You know what Frank can do. You've seen his 8-Bit wonderments, photo manipulations and even his faux product creations. There's a whole lot of that on the site, but now you need to tune in to see what his cohorts in crime have been up to as well as how to make it YOURS!!! These guys are selling some wicked prints from movie and comic awesome.

So here's what we're giving way and it's perfect for the Christmas Horror fan in you. One 8 Bit 11 x 17 poster of Frank's rendition of the classic SILENT NIGHT DEADLY NIGHT COVER!!!  Hey remember when Freddy in Space and Frank Browning teamed up to give you a peak at a faux video game for Silent Night Deadly Night? Check it out HERE. Now bring a piece of 8 Bit Christmas Cheer home!

You win it by liking Doomsday Designs Facebook page and then posting in the comment section below, with your email address, your favorite image from Doomsday Designs piece of art. Link up to it or just tell us the name or product code. For an extra entry in the giveaway, share it on your favorite social media site and let us know you did so below. We will announce a winner Thanksgiving morning just in time to stuff the turkey (or put Linnea Quigley on some antlers).

Please take advantage of this great opportunity to become more familiar with Doomsday Designs, support some greatest artists and a great friend.

Oh and happy fucking holidays!

-Doc Terror

For other 8 Bit creations by Frank Browning and Hacktivision go HERE.