Friday, November 8, 2013

Drive-In Collection - The First Time and Oriental Babysitter (Vinegar Syndrome)

We have another sexploitation classic double feature from the 2k scanners a shade just below wine. Okay, let’s be perfectly honest. The newest Drive-In Collection from the Vinegar Syndrome isn’t sexploitation at all. It’s out and out pornography from the mid to late 70’s. What’s the mean for you’re viewing experience? Should you pick it up? Do you like to get your rocks off with a machete in hand (the jungle is loose in the crick of these ladies’ and gents’ legs)? I’m going to recommend this one to fans of pornography especially fans of the porno-chic era of 70’s filmmaking when erotic celluloid as more than a web cam and a vibrator although there are plenty of vibrators to go around. This isn’t exactly chic, but this is far above the shot on video skin flicks of the 80’s. Let’s briefly discuss each movie in this double feature set.

The First Time (1978)

Synopsis from V.S. – A young sex film starlet remembers the brutal trail of debauchery which led to her into a life of perversion.

I find it difficult to tell you what smut looks like in the form of a review so let me give you the overall impression. Um… I like skin flicks from the 1970’s and in fact prefer them over anything post-1990. Not much of an actual storyline, but there is a running thread. It’s more than “the plumber showed up… let’s fuck”.  The end sequence is by far the most dramatic and theatrical, definitely hot, but off putting.  This is the debauch promised to us.

Oriental Babysitter (1976)

Synopsis from V.S. – A beautiful Asian babysitter relives her multitude of bizarre and exciting sexual adventures.

On the other hand this is pretty much a paint by number sex scene to sex scene porno. Not much of a solid storyline, but sexier than The First Time (or at least not as mean spirited).

Both of these releases are scanned in 2k from 35 film elements and come straight out of the San Francisco underground. As always with most of the Drive-In Collection double features, these films look clean, but have the appropriate amount of scratching, degradation and discoloration at times that allow the audience to realize that they are watching films on DVD. Vinegar Syndrome puts out Blu-ray editions that are superbly clean. The double features… they’re for the dirty birds like me. The scene select option is always offered in “reels”.


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