Sunday, November 3, 2013

Eve of Destruction (Scream Factory Blu-ray) - Nice Red Leather Jacket

Eve of Destruction is not a bad movie. It is a very fun science fiction action thriller with a femme robot who likes to take her clothes off, so much so that I had to make sure my wife didn't catch me watching it for fears of further accusation that I do nothing but watch porn all the time. There's a chance saying just that will be the thing that gets you to purchase Eve of Destruction and in that one reason you might find solace, but I assure you that this is a competent movie no matter what the box office said back in 1991. Maybe it's because we had already seen Arnold as The Terminator. Maybe once you see that every other robot/cyborg... whatever movie just fails to compare. I suppose that this isn't quite Cameron's Terminator, but it's fun and it has some classic kills with imagery that stands out and performances that are actually somewhat creepy if you get pass that damn red leather jacket (more pimp the predatory).

Synopsis from Scream Factory:

She's beautiful, indestructible and unstoppable! Renee Soutendijk is "sexy and lethal" (Boxoffice) as Eve VIII, a sophisticated and deadly android run amok in this heart-pounding sci-fi thriller. Created in the image other inventor, Eve VIII is the flawless culmination of years of research. Or is she? When an unexpected mishap during testing sends her into a sudden, irreversible rampage, Eve begins stalking and killing anything she perceives as a threat. And now it's up to terrorism expert Jim McQuade (Gregory Hines) to find and deactivate her before she realizes her ultimate capability nuclear annihilation!


Scream Factory may be taking a chance on this one, and I'm not entirely sure why. Whether they simply had the chance to put out this movie on Blu-ray (a movie previously unreleased in the format) or whether it was part of a package deal to acquire other properties... or maybe it's that it's a damn good movie.  Yes, Gregory Hines puts forth a fantastic, bad ass performance that is perfectly overacted (and Hines knows it... on a Nick Cage level). The effects are quite good, but when compared to say The Terminator some years earlier or T2 which will make its appearance shortly, well, it can't really compare can it? You'll enjoy the story line even if you see the ending coming from a mile away, and you'll enjoy the boobs because that's what horror fiends want in their early 90's action films. One liners. Nudity. Stuff blowing up... which there really isn't enough of. Overall Eve of Destruction has a solid finish, and there's a significant amount of successful tension building.

In the way of extras, I'm afraid you get a I'd trailer. That's not saying much. I suppose Scream Factory realized that this release is somewhat of a gamble. Don't spend  a lot of money on features and simply get the movie into the hands of the viewers.. Just put it out there and see if it sticks. They'll know what to do with it. Well, I want you to take a chance on this disc and enjoy it despite not living up to the Scream Factory "fan package". It has multiple cover designs and it looks perfect, but it's missing the bonus goodies you've come to expect. The movie is good enough to buy unwatched. I'd ask you to trust me on that. I'd ask you to try and see the fun in Hines' performance, in RenĂ©e Soutendijk first US role.

Eve of Destruction streets 11/19, but you can pre-order it now through Scream Factory.

I hope you give it a shot even if you didn't in the early 90's. It's much better than Eve 6, looks fantastic and may have you questioning your fashion sensibilities (can you pull off red leather?).


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