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First off, much thanks to the amazing display of film gold put on by the Hudson Horror Show crew. Their shows go off without a hitch, fully packed with vendors of interest and unique viewing experiences that make memories. They are true friends and horror fans. Hudson Horror Show 8 has come and gone, and I had a blast though I didn't get to stay quite as long as I had planned due to a previously unscheduled band practice. I only made it through the Mystery Movie, but through the two features, trailer reels and exquisite rule post montage my neural network has forever been altered for the better. Let's discuss.

I was able to pick up a stack of old Fangoria, a Monster World and a couple Famous Monsters mags for a buck a piece. They weren't in great condition, but I buy them to read and to love. I'm ever trying to complete my Fango collection, and I have a long way to go. I also picked up my very first Creepy mag. Not an early or rare one, but again... for a buck I'm a happy guy. I had the chance to talk with Tad Leger who was selling some excellent albums, posters and classic horror and exploitation gems. His table is always stocked with Grindhouse Releasing and Severin. Some of the best. I also had the chance to pick up a Zornow print (not an original sketch as is my dream for the future) signed by the great Zornow himself.  I completed my 68 Jungle Jim mini series and picked up my first Zornow Godzilla (number 5). Zornow Lives!  I also had the chance to enjoy the company of Lisa Jordan from VHSPS fame whose table was bustling and rightfully so. Quality VHS transfers at a brilliant price and an unparalleled selection of EVERYTHING... that's VHSPS (and no, they don't pay me to advertise for them). Unfortunately House of Mysterious Secrets cancelled due to injury and I missed them greatly. There was plenty of art prints, toys, posters, vinyl, DVD's and personal sketches to be had. Horror fans, make sure you bring money to these things so you can enjoy the tables.

The Hudson Horror Show designed a special Kurt Russell/Judas Priest hybrid Tee. Hellbent for Russell? You bet we are. That was the name of the game... John Carpenter and Kurt Russell on 35mm on the big screen and this shirt was big enough for the sold out crowd that came to purchase it and see the films. 

Sold out! Before the doors even opened, this event was sold out. That's the best thing that could happen to this crew. They work hard to put on a great event. There are efforts are clearly not in vane. These fellas put out a schedule that had a little something for everyone. Let's take a walk through it.

Invasion of the Bee Girls is a movie that I have been curious about for some time. It has been available on Netflix Instant, but I've actually looked the other way expecting some cheap early 70's science fiction. Not that there isn't plenty of cheap science fiction completely with radiation poisoning, mad science and voluptuous insect women who hold a secret between their legs. Buzz is the word. The print was exactly how you'd like it to be. Raunchy and cut up and brilliant though there appeared to be one break or cut in the projection. Nothing to worry about. It even made for a nice laugh with a sort of elongated dramatic pause. This one opened with some truly daring sexploitation trailers that were eye popping. I was glad to see When Women Had Tails made the cut. 

Mystery Movie... hence forth to go unnamed and to serve as a warning and a message to ya'll. Get your ass in the seat. Buy the ticket. Don't get shut out. I'm not telling you what the mystery flick was, but I will give you my impression. Never has a movie projected brought me closer to tears among true horror fans. The basic premise involves a death that is close to my heart. It makes me believe that when deaths of this type occur in a horror movie, I may be beyond it for at least the present. The Mist did the same thing to me. That's really all I want to say about that. The effects were amazing and created by a master of the genre. The concept is classic horror with a fierce monster. Top notch acting mixed with some classic 80's over-acting. You've seen this movie, and you MISSED IT on the big screen.

That's where I had to leave which astounds me. Here are my thoughts on the remaining movies in the schedule.

Horror Express is a movie that must be seen on 35mm to be appreciated. I had watched this on the small screen a couple years back when completing the Fangoria 300 and disliked it. Felt boring. Even with Tele Savalas, Chris Lee, Peter Cushing and Paul motherfucking Naschy, I wasn't a fan. Well I had the chance to see it at an Exhumed Films screening this past year in March alongside Terror Train and was floored. This was a complete 180 filled with laughter, moments of shock and a great appreciation for the performances. Naschy has really come to be one of my favorite horror actors always playing second fiddle to the Hammer Gods and the great Vincent Price. This was the movie I was actually most excited to see at Hudson Horror Show. Shame I missed it.

Escape from New York was actually the second reason I was going to HHS. I love The Thing, but at times it just feels so bleak that I find it hard to enjoy (sober). Kurt Russell and Keith David should pass me that bottle. But as for Snake Plisskin and the gang, I was hoping to enjoy this on the big screen. It feels big. It feels bigger than my TV set. Hell, Hudson Horror Show even handed out a damn eye patch for the screening. This was a chance not to be missed. It played well from what I've heard and the audience was able to get into both this and The Thing.

The Thing is a movie that looks so damn amazing that a well projected 35mm print of quality must have been a sight to see. I heard that it also played well. I wish I could have enjoyed the wholesale practical effects carnage on the big screen, but I get the feeling that I may have the chance in the future though not among this amazing crowd. 

Hudson Horror Show and their sponsors and friends gave away some nice prizes including t-shirts and movies. Always something special for the fans. I enjoyed meeting some new faces, seeing some very familiar ones and sitting with Chris Beaumont as we tried not to riff on Invasion of the Bee Girls too much. 

I'm the guy in the Mustard Creepshow shirt eyeing up a VHS copy of Faces of Death II in beautiful red clamshell
We will let you know as soon as Hudson Horror Show 9 announces its latest line-up.  Follow them on Facebook HERE and visit their website HERE. We will try to be in attendance to give you the rundown, and, band willing, we will give you a completely account of the events. Silver Cinemas 8... great venue. Classic dirt theater. We love you!

-Doc Terror

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