Saturday, November 9, 2013

Island of Doomed Men - Peter Lorre is a Bad Bad Man

I guess I don't love everything that Peter Lorre's in. Sure I think he can carry a picture. I loved M, but more often than not I find that he isn't exactly the main draw. That's probably why Island of the Doomed Men released in 1940 and now brought to you by the Sony Choice Collection isn't quite my cup of tea. That doesn't mean that his performance is less than enjoyable. He's the reason I wanted to watch this picture in the first place, and I got exactly what I wanted from this strong eyed, tight accented, malicious little demon. The problem isn't with Lorre. It's that his supporting cast is plain Jane and the story can't hold up to his performance alone.

So this guy (Lorre) owns an island... Dead Man's Island to be exact. He takes ex-cons and enslaves them, forcing them to do his bidding. This whole place is wrapped in an electric fence with malicious, malficent guards on every corner. Well an undercover agent gets on the island and is trying to break up the story and get the bad guy. Guess what happens? He falls in love (because in 1940 every  movie is also a love story). Can he escape Dead Man's Island and take down Peter Lorre? Again, it's 1940... what do you think is going to happen?

This release looks fine and has minimal extras. You're paying for a disc that essentially allows you to collect an older movie that is somewhat less popular. The cover is the classic movie poster (without Sony Choice Collection border which made this reviewer happy). If you enjoy Lorre and want to see what happens when he wasn't paired with Bogart or Vincent Price or Fritz Lang then check it out.

Island of Doomed Men is available now.


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