Wednesday, November 6, 2013

MONSTER-SIZED BLOKE - Terrible Tomb of TERROR Goes Mega Super Size!!!

We are all the Bloke, and there is a Bloke in all of us. No release should better identify this fact than the Monster Collection featuring stories from previous release of the Bloke’s Terrible Tomb of Terror, a compendium of creep-outs, warnings and assorted atrocities. If you are unfamiliar with the Terrible Tomb of Terror it is an anthology comic created in the image of books like Tales from the Crypt, Creepy or Eerie (to name a few) only created out of modern stories written by some talented new writers, inked and illustrated by folks who truly understand the classic horror comic art as well as put new spins on old favorite creature and monster designs. At times this team of creators often pulls from older source work i.e. the great Richard Matheson (writer for the Twilight Zone among other pivotal works).

I support this book and the series of  anthology issues that have come out over the years. It arrived in print in 2011 and the decision had been made to use a larger, magazine format rather than the smaller comic book size to remind audiences of its forefathers.  The tour guide through the horror pages, The Bloke, a Cryptkeeper/Creep host is funny and alluring. He appears both on the printed page and in person at comic and horror conventions across the mid-Atlantic. This is his equivalent of a “Best of” edition and I assure you that it is “Monster-Sized” (in the verbiage of the old novelty adverts from Famous Monsters mags of old) featuring several of my personal favorite stories.

The 1st Monster-Sized Collection is the perfect way to introduce yourself to the work of Jason Crawley and company, offering a look into each of the previous normal-sized issues. There are twenty two stories, pin-ups and full color cover with B&W pages inside. My personal favorite stories in this edition are Invasion of the Slag Maggots, Crickets, Mr. Jenkins, From Up Above and Episode 666. Each story contains the irony and moral warning that is classic to the portmanteau tales of Amicus and EC related books while providing a modern perspective on classic storymanship.

You can pick up the  1stMonster-Sized Collection NOW! Make sure to follow The Bloke on FaceBook and try to find him at a convention near you. Maybe you’ll even get your picture in the next issue of The Bloke’s Terrible Tomb of TERROR!


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