Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The Twilight Zone Complete Series (DVD): You Have Now Entered Another Dimension

The first thing I want you to do when you open up the new Twilight Zone box set on DVD is to pull each of the seasons out and look at the episode listing on the back. It is this list that will spark your fondest memories and take you to areas that are truly of sight, sound and mind... perhaps a place of your childhood (as was the case when I cracked the behemoth open). It's a lot to watch. It's a lot to savor. Just when you think you've seen every Zone during every marathon on whichever holiday you had the chance to enjoy them as a kid, well, you ain't seen them all. Oh well, some of you have of course, but now you can see them all when you want to. On your terms. You can build your own marathon, and it could be for Thanksgiving if you want because it's coming out November 19th. That's all 156 episodes in one box that you can hold in your hand.

Now I've reviewed each one of these sets individually (most of them) and will tell you that this is an excellent quality set. It is complete. It does not include extras, but it is priced as such so that you won't feel cheated. There is also a Blu-ray edition of this same box set that is complete with additional material, but that's not what we're here to discuss today. The set is comprised of 25 discs in five color coded boxes with a nice box set package (though a little sparse for my own flamboyant taste). The episode list in on the back of each box which provides a handy reference guide to the content of each season (including the shortened fourth season).

What I find most striking about taking in a series like this is to start from the beginning and see which episodes fall where in the timeline. How does Time Enough at Last fit in? Where does A Stop at Willoughby appear and how long did it take to develop stories so emotional charged that they could bring a slightly drunken DoC Terror to tears in years past? Each season contains classic episodes and it didn't seem to take a long time for the writers to churn out some of their best work, the actors to become legends and for Serling's baby to become a giant moral Kaiju in black and white, complete with monologue.

You can order the Twilight Zone Complete Series on DVD Now. 

Consider this an invitation to create your own Twilight Zone marathon. For fun, what would be your ideal marathon? Would you have a common thread throughout? Maybe follow an actor throughout his or her career? Comment below and give the holiday you would choose for your event.


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