Tuesday, November 5, 2013

VIKINGS SEASON 1: Get on the Boat, Take the Ride

Vikings is a pure pioneer/pilgrim story only a whole lot older. Let’s go west and see what fortune we might find. Let’s not fear the ocean. Let’s find the new gods, the new riches, new land and maybe we’ll find a bit of freedom to boot. The full season filled with hacking and slashing and sex is available now for purchase after airing on premium cable over the course of nine episodes.  Did you enjoy Norway at Epcot in Disney World? I did, and I also enjoyed Vikings.

This is a well acted Viking drama with likable characters, beautifully rich photography and well constructed sets. While it isn’t my favorite series of the new Sword and Sandal series, it’s clearly watchable and entertaining. It will keep you guessing even if you know a bit of history, and is completely with soap operatic twists that are a bit more in tune with the barbarian crowd. I’m a Game of Thrones man, myself and find this a nice way to hold my attention while I wait for the Lanisters to be creepy and kooky.  Remember that these types of shows are character driven, so if you can dig Ragnar and support him in his quest to power and to explore, than you'll like Vikings.

The disc itself contains deleted scenes, audio commentary on select episodes which has become a standard for series of this type. The additional content, A Warrior Society: Viking Culture and Justice, Birth of the Vikings, Forging the Viking Army: Warfare and tactics are built to catch the uninitiated and uneducated up to speed on what it means to be a Viking. I think it’s pretty easy to confuse mythology and canon with so many stories set during a medieval or even pre-medieval period in Europe or Europe-esque location that features like these help to find lost audience members. The set also features two interactive features: The Armory of the Vikings and Conquest and Discovery: Journey of the Vikings. The whole thing is presented in Hi-Def with 5.1 DTS audio. 

Perhaps the most overtly brilliant part of this release is the packaging which features a sexy blood stained pouch to protect your Blu-ray disc (containing a standard multi disc package). If you’re going to release a full season, do it properly. This one gives that little bit extra that makes buying the season easy.

I’ll recommend Vikings to the Game of Thrones crowd, but I’ll also offer up that the Sons of Anarchy bunch might enjoy this as well. There are similar themes to both series whether it’s about conquering fear and understanding destiny or simply finding the value in family and living up to gender roles in varied societies, Vikings is more than an action series. 

Vikings is available NOW!


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