Saturday, November 9, 2013

ZOTZ! - Tom Poston Almighty

As I become more familiar with the more comedic works of William Castle (and realizing that I haven't seen every movie out there), I'm glad to find gems like Zotz! It was never going to win awards, but this is a movie of pure fantasy with plenty of comedy, social criticism and potential though untapped gimmicks that make for a fun watch, perfect for all ages and absolutely is not a horror movie (so don't say I said it was). This disc comes to you courtesy of the Sony Choice Collection, but you may have seen other double feature incarnations of this one before alongside another Castle classic, The Tingler.

What happens when a linguist, translating an ancient manuscript while holding a relic coin says the word, "Zotz!"? It's pretty much the power of a deity put into the hands of a simple man. This professor has no more the desire to rule the world than to step outside of his comfort bubble but there are strange forces working against him and, as a man of science, he must figure out what the heck is going on.

If this sounds zany... it is. It's the perfect four letter z word to describe this movie whose title is a four letter z word. The casting is strong and built for humor with some 60's Bettys to keep the eyes happy. This one won't be for everyone. It's cheesy but funny. Probably for people who really dig Herbie the Love Bug or the Andy Griffith Show. Simple physical humor with a red scare subplot and political criticism about the big ol' bureaucracy in Washington DC.

The best surprise about this feature is that it features Jim Backus aka Mr. Magoo. I'm a Magoo fan like my mother before me, and this is a great chance to get acquainted with him in the flesh. You can leave your spectacles at the door.

Zotz! is available now, and I strongly recommend you check this one out. Kid friendly.


Note that while researching this piece I found Zotz candy. I think I may have even tried them. Hard candy with fizzies. Not my cup of tea, but maybe it would make a fun gimmick to provide your kids with the candies before or during viewing or maybe even give them a chocolate, gold coin.

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