Tuesday, December 17, 2013

4 CULT MOVIE MARATHON VOLUME TWO (DVD) - Exploit Yourself for Hours! (Crossover Review)

As a fan of cult classic exploitation romps and binges there are few sets that appeal to me as much as The 4 Cult Movie Marathon series from Shout Factory. With the two new volumes in this series, the first two volumes, they’re stepping into some ground that is wholly appropriate for the label and which has been dominated by the Drive-In Cult Classics series from Mill Creek Entertainment and touches on some of what has made the Vinegar Syndrome a breakthrough label in 2013. The competition between these moving parts could be incredible, digging ever deeper to uncover the raunchiest, campiest and most exploitative. That’s not to say there aren’t a horde of labels and series vying for the crown of king smut, but I’m enjoying what I’ve seen from Shout and Vinegar especially.  When there’s no more room at the bottom of the barrel, look under the barrel and you’ll find the movies that make up the second volume of the Cult Movie Marathon series. We’ll talk about each one briefly in a review that will share time on both The Liberal Dead and DOCTERROR.COM.

We will discuss two movies on this side of the horror-verse and then transition to The Liberal Dead.

You can pick up 4 Cult Movie Marathon Vol. 2 HERE NOW! I want to stress that these aren't Hi-Def. They are not extra filled. They have crazy shit movies at a great price.


Synopsis from Shout Factory – Cycle-psychos vs. the Cops! A Vietnam war hero returns home and decides to build the ultimate outlaw biker gang. A war between the gang and the police is about to erupt.

Fans of bikersploitation will love this classic take on the Hell’s Angels. This isn’t my cup of tea, moves slowly and doesn’t shift away from what you might think a typical biker movie might be. I’m looking for motorcycle men in space or high speed chases where everybody dies.  That being said, it probably wasn’t trying to reinvent the wheel and is really playing to the cowboy fantasy in all of us. Everyone wants to be the rebel, the bad guy who’s too cool to really look like the bad guy (until the end of course). Angels From Hell is exactly what you want a biker movie to be unless you’re too artsy fartsy and looking for “deeper meaning” or, like me, huffed too many cans of whip cream as youngster. Hot women. Hot bikes. Colors and cuts.  This IS your grand daddy’s Sons of Anarchy without the melodrama or the class A acting force.


Synopsis from Shout Factory – From the director of Hell Night and The Concrete Jungle comes a tale of a starlet whose life and career are severely altered when her reproductive organs begin to sing and talk. Staring Candice Rialson (Candy Stripe Nurses) and Rip Taylor!

The synopsis from Shout Factory minces words. Want the truth? The real truth? This is about a talking vagina. It’s hilarious with perfect comedic timing, all the naked ladies you’d ever want on screen and with performances that demand your respect as true artists of the sex comedy. Rip Taylor is a gem. I rarely get to see him in anything for no other reason than he doesn’t do enough horror. This movie is as over the top as you’d imagine it and for those of you who are comparing this to Teeth (the creep classic that had your willy hiding in your grundle i.e. taint) it’s nothing like it at all. There’s no dick munching or carrot crunches and from what I can tell there’s no Vagina Dentada. This is a true highlight of the set, and I would imagine that it could quickly become a cult classic among cult classics if you show it at your swinger parties. Make your reproductive organs sing along (everyone knows how to get those lips moving). Moderately reminiscent of a poor man’s The Jerk… sort of… or maybe Little Shop of Horrors esque only involving bearded, singing claims instead of plants from outer space or Steve Martin (as dentist or jerk).

To Be Continued… (The other two movies are reviewed on The Liberal Dead).

-Doc Terror

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