Sunday, December 8, 2013

CREEPS: A Tale of Murder and Mayhem - More Splatter. More Fun.

Note: I was given a chance to peruse an independent splatter film that has not as of yet been released, Creeps: A Tale of Murder and Mayhem. This is a movie for a very particular audience but the lessons that can be garnished from a movie like Creeps apply to most filmmakers and artists. There's a lot more to think about than what's on the screen or critical analysis. Sometimes movies inspire, and it's not even what's on screen that inspires.

There are small groups of people out there committing low budget, Shot-On-Video explosions of gore. They are young, and understand the oppression brought on by every censor from every walk of film from MPAA to parent with a boobie phobia even though they've barely begun to create films and are younger than I am now (33 years old old old). They've seen the good movies. All the good movies. All the gruesome carnage splattered across Mylar tape from Germany to the straight to video VHS boom to the dollar bin to the lost lost lost tapes from nowhere man distributors. They've been doing research. They've learned the trade or are learning the trade and a group of them, a new group to me, has made a new one called Creeps: A Tale of Murder and Mayhem.

To say that Creeps is a brilliant movie that could conceivably terrify you and will scare the jock straps off of your isn't entirely accurate. In fact, the power of Creeps is in its raw nerve approach with no budget to speak for but with a very real story and plan. Let's cut body parts off. Let's kill people. Let's have fun killing people and dumping the fake blood, latex and body parts all over the place. Let's create cool masks that you might not have seen using the materials we have around us. Let's shoot the places around us that look cool. Let's make an eyeball pop out of the socket of a fake head.  In short... Creeps is a group of filmmakers looking to make a movie and ACTUALLY MAKING A MOVIE! That's a nice trend. However young or, for the most part, unprofessionally this task is accomplished we have a story, and I watched the whole damn thing.

Please enjoy the trailer for Creeps.

Creeps is the kind of movie that can't help but be a bit funny. There are continuity errors, some acting that may not be as "method" as you'd like. The effects are amateur. The camera is shaky. It's not a perfect movie, and it wasn't filmed perfectly. It's the kind of movie that you appreciate for what it is, and hope for more like it. Each time the Mulvanertys make a movie going forward I hope they learn something new and I'm glad that they made Creeps. I have a new idea of what a villain might look like or how you might cut a limb off and what that severed limb might look like. We're talking about Herschel Gordon Lewis gore and blood. Retro material that touches on several eras though it doesn't necessarily want to appeal to an audience or be a "retro movie".

Creeps won't be for everyone. Fans of Shot On Video fare should seek it out once it's available. You'll appreciate it. Splatter fans... enjoy some comic gore. Indie filmmakers feeling discouraged, take note that people are making movies every day and documenting the world around them while putting a bunch of their midnight movie marathons into the scrapbook to remember them better. Gorilla filmmaking? No. Godzilla filmmaking (all be it a town in Pennsylvania and not Tokyo or on any kind of scale that might be noticeable).

I became familiar with Johnny Dickie, creator of Slaughter Tales, about a year ago, had the chance to meet Johnny and realized that he's just a nice guy who likes movies like we all do and wanted to make one... so he did. He's a part of the Creeps cast, and was my first look into the movement of younger than young indies making actual features.  Seems like there's a new splat pack in town and maybe the Splat Pack Junior Class I played around with this year involving some of the new gore filmmakers out there... well, maybe these guys are the ones who deserve that title. For now we'll call them Splat Pack Jr. (and not the Junior Class). Young men... making movies... gore movies.

And by the by... I really friggin' dug some of the musical choice especially at the very end.

You can find Creeps:  A Tale of Murder and Mayhem on Facebook HERE. Follow along. When the chance arises enjoy it, give it your attention and see that people really are making original movies no matter what the budget and with a great deal of passion.

-Doc Terror

Thanks to Johnny for passing this one by me. I had a great time. Thanks to Jack M. and crew and friends for creating this beastie.

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