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If putting out beautiful, strange smut was an Olympic event then Vinegar Syndrome would take the gold every time. I have a trifecta of titty movies with some cock bushes that will put your unmanaged mane to shame and leave you ladies reaching for shears. Today we’re here to discuss the triple feature of Evil Come Evil Go, Oh! You Beautiful Doll and Widow Blue. These are unperfected films from the 70’s that simply attempt plots and come out smelling like sex. To keep in sync with our Olympic metaphor or at least to provide a reasonably different vehicle for which you to enjoy this review, I’m going to rate these movies in terms of medals. Gold, Silver, Bronze. To this viewer, the choices are obvious, and one of these movies seems beneath watching at all. I sure do hope that encourages all you skank bangers to go out and pick up this release to see if you agree with me.

The three films in question are the work of filmmaker Walt Davis (not to be confused with Walt Disney), a man who was exceptionally creative with this adult pictures and came up with some ingenious stories with which to deliver his hot beef injections. This is the man who is also responsible for Substitution and The Dicktator to provide a frame of reference.

Before we get started you can pick up this three peat of vagina/cock smashing grace HERE.

These are XXX features so tread lightly and make sure you don’t leave the damn thing lying around for your kids to pop in the player. You’ll be a grandparent before you know it.  All three movies are restored in 2k from their original negatives. The cover art is a clever amalgam of the three features with stills on the back.

Perhaps the most intriguing extra on the disc is the interview with adult film producer Bob Chinn. He’s the creator of over 70 adult films and is the inspiration for Jack Horner in Boogie Nights. He’s a hero. He’s an innovator (just ask the folks who have seen the Johnny Wadd movies with John Holmes). Listen to the words of a visionary who had a vision of quality adult pictures with characters to be loved, admired and exemplified.


Synopsis from Vinegar Syndrome – (1972), traveling Evangelist preacher, Sister Sarah Jane (Cleo O’Hara), is hellbent on ridding the world of evil, sex-obsessed men. Taking to the streets of Los Angeles, she quickly befriends a gullible young woman and the two embark on a mad, sex-filled killing spree.

While this is a completely bonkers movie about the joys of religious service, there’s  a filthy seedy belly full of strangeness going on in this expose of the dichotomy presented by a religious zealot who tries to swindle the sheep of God out of their meager earnings or, worse, kill them for the skins the commit at her very urging. We’re talking about a maniac street preacher with boobs and a Sunday dress that goes around, fucking men to send them to Satan. It’s clever. It’s funny, but some of the scenes are exceptionally drawn out and requires a huge leap of faith to take seriously. Then again, we are talking about an adult feature whose focus is most likely not the narrative or production value.

Evil Come Evil Go earns the Silver medal.


Synopsis from Vinegar Syndrome - (1974), an almost surreal blend of madcap improvization and low-rent thrills as over-the-hill film starlet Gaye Ramon lounges around her cluttered Hollywood home, molesting bananas and conning innocent men into taking her carnal acting courses. Meanwhile, a con-artist photographer manipulates beautiful hippies into revealing poses.

I can appreciate the failed Hollywood actress turned talent scout/con arts that is Gaye Ramon, but I’m afraid that while the character seems entertaining, the picture is not. Lost on me is the sense of humor and unsensual or visually pleasing erotica that unfolds in a rather drab, repetitive mix of nudie shots with minimal plot filler. I want to tell you that I never expect high quality narrative from my puerno, but I certainly prefer a little something to set the stage (the ultimate goal being to watch a full length adult feature with both hands in my pants rather than one on the remote waiting to fast forward). Curious enough the title of this movie is rather popular with two older films of the same name that should not be confused for this Davis trash compactor.

An obvious bronze medal, but most likely would not even place if I didn’t have to assign three medals. In fact, this movie wouldn’t qualify. That’s really the best reason to check it out for yourself.


Synopsis from Vinegar Syndrome – (1970), a homosexual affair results in a gory decapitation and a living room orgy. But more bloodshed is afoot…Featuring an all-star cast, among them John Holmes and Sandy Dempsey, as well as gore effects straight out of H.G. Lewis’ playbook, WIDOW BLUE is a demented masterpiece of sex and death, which is coming to home video fully uncut for the very first time!

Now comes the groovy gold standard for porn movies. When a narrative actually keeps me interested combined with a famous actor (enter John Holmes), strange homo-sexual subplots, murder, deception and H.G. Lewis style violence and blood, you can be assured that I’m going to recommend it. In this instance we have a movie that features a protagonist who looks a bit like John Beluschi who enters into a plot that can’t possibly be expected to work. The actresses are hot and the men, aside from Mr. Holmes, are simply not.

Best reason to watch Widow Blue is the fascinating scene where our leading lady humps the John Beluschi lookalike and then leans over to give her dead lover a post-mortem blow job. I cannot make this up. It’s perhaps the most shocking thing I’ve seen in the Vinegar Syndrome adult film series and one that is worth of your eyeballs.

This is definitely a two tissue or sock feature. The ending is hysterical. The gore/violence is quite funny even though amateurish.

The clear gold metal victory and perhaps my second favorite adult film released by Vinegar Syndrome (second to only Winter Heat with Jamie Gillis).

Now guys… get a hold of Neon Nights!

-Doc Terror

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