Thursday, January 16, 2014

GRAVEYARD DISTURBANCE (Mya Communication DVD) - Made for Italian TV!

Made for TV horror is seeing a resurgence within our peripheral vision with everything from new horror television shows to back catalog titles being released by the likes of Scream Factory. This is a welcome uprising, and one that clearly needs to include Graveyard Disturbance from the great horror director Lamberto Bava. While this is a picture from 1987, it will fit in perfectly with the strange amalgam horror that’s been permeating the new release wall as of late, feeling borderline gonzo with a hint of Bava’s earlier and celebrated work, Demons and a touch of 80’s teen comedy gold (though perhaps unintentionally comedic). Today we’re looking at the Mya Communication release of Graveyard Disturbance.

Synopsis from DiabolikDVD (though it is out of stock there):

From director Lamberto Bava (Demons) comes this tale of five teenage friends who spend a night in an eerie crypt in return for a prize that has remained unclaimed for centuries.


Let’s start off with a bit about the Mya Communication release and maybe a bit about Mya in general. This release is pretty light on the frills. You get traditional artwork that preserves that 80’s feeling, but none of the extras you might really want to see from a movie released by a celebrated director like Bava. Whether or not sufficient extra material would even be available for this release isn’t clear, but a TV spot or two couldn't hurt. Usually this type of release is geared toward people who simply want to see a movie and not to the fan boy, extra-whores out there. Mya typically isn't the company you go to for nice features. They put out the movie, usually in the original aspect ratio (in this instance 4:3, 1.66:1 remember it was made for TV) and doesn’t necessarily go out of their way with the restoration. If you want to see Graveyard Disturbance then you should pick it up. If you want the fan boy special, petition a distro company.

Now I’m a fan of Lamberto Bava’s The Ogre aka Demons 3, so this made for TV storytelling, filming style and cheeky sense of playful horror fits into my basket nicely. It’s an entertaining story and as a buddy of mine said, “it’s the Goonies of Italian Horror”. I’ll go with that.  Don’t expect the gorefest of Demons or the seductive A Blade in the Dark, but it’s a well produced, commercialized tale that is made for the horror fan and not too artsy. Enjoy the great music, the bad acting and or strange choice of dubbing (though you can enjoy the movie in the original Italian as well).  There’s some classic Italian creature design that is unmistakably B grade and strange. It’s the stuff you’ve come to expect from them, and one of the reasons we can’t get enough of their films especially from this era and before.

Graveyard Disturbance is currently out of print, but available online. Fans of Lamberto Bava’s work must find a copy to enjoy, and even more so if you’re not just a Demons fan in sheep’s clothing.

-Doc Terror

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