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DRIVE-IN COLLECTION DOUBLE FEATURE: Confessions/Expectations (Vinegar Syndrome DVD).

The Drive-In Collection is numbered along with the rest of the Vinegar Syndrome releases. While I was subconsciously aware of this before, I have only recently started to pay attention to when certain releases made their way into the catalog. Tonight’s entry into the review column in a modest quest to review all the Vinegar Syndrome titles came about as their third release, VS-003. That means that of all I’ve watched since the great V.S. took on a completely new meaning for me, I haven’t necessarily understood their history in terms of chronological release. Their first release was VS-001, the Herschell Gordon Lewis Collection featuring some of this truly smutty works (not the Godfather of Gore we all know and love in those releases). Release VS-002 is a combination Savage Water and Death by Invitation. This is a creepy, sleazy double feature of grit. The first in Drive-In Collection. Next is our double feature this evening Expectations and Confessions, two somewhat low-key adult features that have primal backgrounds rooted in traditional stories… with fucking.

We’ve talked about the director of our two features, Anthony Spinelli. His work was the subject of a later Drive-In Collection edition featuring The First Time and Oriental Babysitter, but tonight we’re in for what I might almost describe as “normal” pornography. Though there’s a narrative and semi-plot based in a colloquial telling of tales of old, these stories feature both similar actors and movie feel. Not surprising as they were both released in 1977. Spinelli is responsible for over one hundred features; filthy rotters. Dirt. Porn. He spans generations and tells the tale of adult entertainment from the early 70’s to the present. 


Synopsis from Vinegar Syndrome:

Two women, one a wealthy socialite and the other a swinger, decide to swap lives. However as the novelty wears off, they become slaves to each other’s misery.

City Mouse/Country Mouse? Maybe. Though perhaps the focus is less on the twists of fate that befall the two ladies that change places in this feature (vaginas out of water). The focus is on the carnal adventures of women who find new partners in new locations and ultimately, the meeting of their own lesbian desires. While at first the settings provide novelty, I’m afraid there is little new to the eye. The feature includes basic sex acts with jungle-ish ungroomed folk. It is unadventurous for all the life-swapping.

Perhaps the lesson to be learned is that the pubic hair isn’t necessarily greener on the other side… hopefully never green (unless there’s a loose bottle of Manic Panic around).


Synopsis from Vinegar Syndrome:

A bored, upscale housewife decides to dabble in the world of anonymous sex and prostitution but quickly learns the unfortunately reality of such a lifestyle.

Another fish out of water tale though decided less interesting. There’s only one mouse and she decides to meander into precarious positions both sexual and life-changing as boredom leads to Sodom. It’s not necessarily all that profound. This feature is a straight forward sex romp, again, unadventurous and featuring a single actress in most exploits. There are moments of humor, most likely intentional trying to provide a unique spin on a skin flick.

Both features are 2k scans from 35mm archival prints that looks well preserved despite their beautiful flaws. 1.85:1 AR.

Incidentally, VS-004 was the movie that made me a believer in Vinegar Syndrome and one of my favorite releases of 2013, Massage Parlor Murders. It’s hard to compare a V.S. release to that one. It dwells in me like a dirt furnace in the belly of New York ooze.

You can pick up VS-003 – Expectations/Confessions from Vinegar Syndrome NOW! Best to order the other ones mentioned in these review as well.

-Doc Terror

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