Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Drive-In Collection - Virgin and the Lover/Feelings (Vinegar Syndrome DVD)

I have two slightly off base filthy, dirty, sexy features for your this evening dear readers. One of them might as well be a William Lustig movie without the splatter. The other stars Jamie Gillis as a resourceful gentleman who gets himself into some debt and pays for it in stark raving poontang. This is a well balanced double feature from Vinegar Syndrome as a part of their Drive-In Collection in two features directed by smut-a-teer, Kermal Horulu. The simple tie between the two features is the suggestion of strange, subcultural fetish and perversion among the city folk of the 70's. I like to think of movies like these are dirty city movies. Shot in New York City or not they embody what it meant to be a grindhouse junkie stuck to so many floors, wearing so many trench coats, trying to figure out where to meet girls who will do THOSE things. Coming up Virgin and the Lover and Feelings.

Make sure to stop by the Vinegar Syndrome website and checkout all of the Drive-In Collection entries. Nearly all of them have been entertaining to say the least, if not eye opening, if not disturbing. Each is a snap shot on celluloid of a time when porn was fresh and clean and unhomogenized. You can pick up VS-019 HERE.

Now on two each feature...


Synopsis from Vinegar Syndrome:

I referenced William Lustig in my initial paragraph on this double feature, and it relates directly to this feature or rather one aspect of it. While we don't see a Joe Spinell running around on a murderous rampage with a room full of mannequins wearing skin suits, we do see a man who is torn between the physical affection of a real woman and the selfish, deranged mannequin fetish that haunts him. While initially you might suspect that a feature of this type would be out and out comical... well... you're right. It's pretty funny though I suppose it wouldn't take much to actually try and sympathize with him.

True to form it's a puerno through and through with beautiful hardcore scenes of love and passion involving the mashing and cramming of body parts into one another. If you look beyond the pubic hair and bodily fluids you'll actually realize that this is an entertaining piece of adult fiction with a fresh take on relationships and strange psychology complete with lovable characters, sexy beasties and rather attractive mannequins (that get more love than I've seen as of late).

Our leading man is well beyond the likes of Andrew McCarthy being tracked relentless by James Spader. He's got an itch to scratch, and a scratching post to help him take care of it. Who's the virgin and who's the lover when there's a mannequin on the other end of your shaft?


Synopsis from Vinegar Syndrome:

For as kookie as the first picture in our double feature represents, the second feature Feelings is more straightforward smut. Feelings stars Jamie Gillis, one of my favorite adult performers, in a role that was built for his sense of "morality". How would you pay off your drug debts? Send your girl out to the street to make some money of course!

Along the way we find a tremendous variety of unshaven babes who probably aren't acting because Gillis is a master cocksman. This is really a scene by scene, sex to nookie to fucking kind of a movie, and yet it doesn't forget to throw hints of plot, humor and adequately poor dialogue that is sure to put a smile on your face or in your pants. Perhaps it's not quite as funny as Virgin and The Lover, but it is a better piece of adult entertainment combining stronger sexual performances with talented actors. 

Of the two features I think this is my favorite, Virgin and The Lover feeling a bit two artsy fartsy for this grime king. 

When adult entertainment was entertaining and beyond the simple bump and grind of a well lubed hand, that's what the Vinegar Syndrome affords in most of their double features. While they know how to show you a good time, pay attention to art that your witnessing and the record that's being lovingly preserved with 2K scans of camera negatives.

You even get theatrical trailers for each movie.

-Doc Terror

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