Thursday, February 13, 2014

THE ORAL GENERATION (Vinegar Syndrome DVD) -A 2K Scan in the Back of Your Throat

For the release of The Oral Generation by Vinegar Syndrome, the disc promises a “genuine Times Square cinema program, c. 1970”. After having enjoyed this release I can safely say that this is in fact that case, however I would like to state that if you dislike oral sex especially dick sucking then this release may not be for you.This isn’t the missionary you’re looking for. The Oral Generation is full of a lot of dicks, all of them sucked. I mean… the movie proper lives up to its name. It’s not exactly a problem, but it may not appeal to the rug munching crowd (of any persuasion). How many dicks can one actually watch sucked in a 66 minute period? I suppose this begs the next question… is watching a variety of dicks a thing to watch that one could ever hope to find attractive. I suppose you’d have to see the wangs in question. Maybe the fact that his release exists is the reason for the release, as piece of historic cinema and not necessarily as a marital aid or spank film. Talkin’ bout my generation? The Oral Generation!

Synopsis from Vinegar Syndrome:

First a sultry preview of coming attractions, then four sex soaked shorts unfold in skin realism color: CLINICAL SEX, ANY WAY YOU LIKE IT, NAKED SEXES and THE DIFFERENT SEX.

Finally, the main attraction, THE ORAL GENERATION, a penetrating scientific study in oral love! You’ll learn about love between men and women, women and women, and every variety in between. All your questions will be answered in explicit, close-up detail!


First, the disc begins immediately rather than going straight to a menu screen. Per the box, this is to give the authentic theatrical experience where you walk in, get it up and enjoy a pile of strange movies all in a row with your body carefully concealed under a raincoat. Clinical Sex, Any Way You Like It, Naked Sexes and The Different Sexes are the short movies along with the trailer for The Oral Generation that prime your pump and provide adequate foreplay for this foreplay filled feature. Each short has something strange and unusual. Sex plus strange flexing, unattractive muscle men, pale and um did I say strange… definitely strange. Strip teases not seen since those of the open window adult entertainment boutiques of 42nd Street. It’s not exactly the donkey show, but some of this will at least feel novel.

The Oral Generation proper goes something like this. Strip down a guy and a girl, then have her suck off his flaccid, sock snake. These scenes seem to take forever, the guys never getting it up and really… no challenge at the end of the pubic Titan mound to reach shaft bottom. I mean, not that I’m going to be putting any pipes in my mouth but I could suck a meaner dick. I’ve fit bigger hoagies in my mouth. So if big cocks ain’t your thing then this movie will actually satisfy you. How’s that for irony? The opposite of Deep Throat.

Also, the scenes of cocksucking or juxtaposed with strange strip teases or action posing. There’s a solid, chair strip tease that is complete perfect though maybe less seductive and more gratuitous. The odd ball here is a martial arts master that gets his bone blown while we are force fed his strange power poses with weapons in full martial arts costume. This is iconic 1970 action porn without the action. It’s like watching still frames of late 70’s/early 80’s Italian knock off action movies. It’s okay to laugh, or maybe it’s instructional: How to turn on your partner while doing strange dances while pole-verizing.

So there’s lots of dicks. A cornfield of giant pube forests. Sucking. The Oral Generation is what it says it is, does not apologize and will either turn you on or throw you up (or maybe swallow you).

Note: 1.37:1 AR, Restored in 2k from original 35mm camera negatives.

You can pick up The Oral Generation from Vinegar Syndrome NOW! Dick sucking good. (I’m a rug munch myself).

-Doc Terror

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