Sunday, March 23, 2014

42nd Street Forever: THE PEEP SHOW COLLECTION (Impulse) - This IS Your Daddy's Smut

There’s something about watching old time stag films that’s both exciting and startling. While most of it seems to have a comic twinge to it due to either “unprofessional” pornographic performances or dated attire, the realization that this was the only way to see wholesome smut feels claustrophobic. Still, it’s enticing and definitely a turn on I suppose. If you didn’t know any better, what was out there, what you were missing, then a night out with the guys at say a bachelor party would be the best opportunity available to get your right hand moving or at least prep you for your wedding night. So what we have here is a new release from Impulse Pictures (Synapse’s dirty little sister) that features nearly two hours of 70’s and 80’s adult entertainment in the 42nd Street Forever, Peepshow Collection Vol. 1. These are not the feature length golden oldies directed by your fan favorites, but the short reels that might have occupied your favorite grindy grime house on 42nd or there abouts (thus the name). There are more coming in these series and there are already a few editions of non-adult 42nd Street Entertainment to appreciate on the Synapse label.

There are 8mm shorts re-mastered from original film prints. Yes, they are re-mastered and look clear, but that doesn’t meant they look pristine. These are scratched, unperfect 8mm reels from a time before preservation. Expect aging and actually enjoy it. Grindhouse fans will appreciate the film look even if they can’t fully get behind un-shaved snatches. Each film is a loop, spliced together with other loops. There are fifteen films in all looped together (to be watched separate or in traditional loop). Some titles you’ll see include Deeper Throat, Ong Hung Low, Nurse’s Aid, Wet and wild and Spice of Life. The titles sound generic? Well so do the films. You’re not watching these movies for their creative story telling. You watch a reel like this to either get you in the mood for your orgy post-brandy and cigar or maybe to put a little excitement back in the bedroom for your seven year marriage. There’s plenty of star power, so at least you won’t be lonely when your spouse leaves you to go read Harlequin romance novels on the couch after realizing just how much hair each adult entertainer can hold between their legs. John Holmes, Lisa DeLeeuw, Anne Sprinkle, Susan Nero… some you may be more familiar with then others, but classic puerno fans will know exactly who these folks are.

Special features include liner notes from Cinema Sewer publisher, Robin Bougie. If you’re watching The Peepshow Collection Vol. 1 for anything other than spank material than you’re required to read this to gain context and appreciation for the art and history of adult entertainment. These are quite the Blue movies of your great grandfathers, these are some where in between the adult feature made Hollywood or near Hollywood chic in the 70’s and the lone wolf, guy who just bought a camera amateur productions that might fetch a pretty penny in the backroom.

Note: Full Frame: 1. 33:1.

You can order this disc now. Make sure to pick up a box of tissues at the very least or hey, maybe invite dear old dad and a bunch o’ buddies over and have a stag night with Olympia or Strohs beer and relive the glory days.

Enjoy these classic beer commercials and get ready to feel uncomfortable with your friends in the room who obviously have boners just like you.

-Doc Terror

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