Monday, March 3, 2014

Big Bad Wolf (DVD) - Not Your Green Jello's Three Little Pigs

You start to become leery of real life adaptations of classic children's cautionary tales and nursery rhymes when you realize that the excuse to use the nursery take rhyme is just a jump off that feels like a clever marketing ploy rather than an effective plot device. Keeping that in mind I'd like for you to kindly take the three little pigs out of Big Bad Wolf. I'd like you to forget the beckoning to enter, the blowing down of houses... forget that there's a name. If it helps you can just remember that there was a time in the early 90's when Green Jello/Jelly created an animated music video depicting the Big Bad Wolf/Three Little Pigs tale and did so to such perfect comedic and violent effect that no movie need attach itself to that particular rhyme again. Devoid of a name and devoid of any modest human metaphor, what does Big Bad Wolf from Horizon Movies as directed by Paul Morrell yield?

Synopsis from Horizon:

In this dark adaptation of The Three Little Pigs, Huff (Charlie O'Connell, "The Bachelor") is an abusive stepfather to three teenage girls living in rural Southern California. Huff is on the verge of a lucrative drug deal that will finally allow him to escape his miserable life and retire to Mexico in style with his sexy mistress, Laci (Natasha Alam,True Blood).

Huff's plan begins to unravel when his battered wife, Lorelei (Elina Madison), sends her three daughters away with Huff's drug money to seek better lives for themselves. This triggers a chain reaction of violence, murder and rage-induced asthma attacks as Huff attempts to locate the three runaways and recover his money. He will huff and puff and tear their lives down.


The movie is obvious. When knocking on the three little pigs proverbial door as the big bad wolf do not expect anything beyond a typical maniacal, homicidal, delusional  killer stalking helpless victims and murdering them in violent ways. So if we realize that it's a fairly formulaic story, that the lead actor is actually somewhat intimidating and that the damn thing actually kept my interest to see it through to the end, well... at least it was a story worth paying attention to. Does it have re-watchability? Nope. I don't think I can rewatch Big Bad Wolf now that I know how it ends. While it's fine and perhaps good to pass some time, the strength of the big bad man in the movie only goes as far as the mystique that surrounds him, his intentions and the outcome. Once revealed it's like a magic trick cheat book that shows that the magic trick is exactly what you thought it would be from the get go.

The disc features interviews and a trailer. 16 x 9, 2.35:1. The cover art is the typical faces/women artwork that we see on many a modern slasher, and unfortunately I think that's all we'll end up with after we shed off the novelty of the name and a competent though perhaps overstated lead performance.

I'd recommend it for fans of post-millennium slasher flicks. It may not have much in the way of intrigue or surprise, but there a brutality to it that will surely excite a few of you if not make you laugh. Still, at least the premise does try to pull in some original elements. You have seen movies just like Big Bad Wolf, but you haven't seen Big Bad Wolf. Maybe think of it as Largish Naughty German Sherpherd (now I'm just being cheeky).

You can order Big Bad Wolf now! Releasing March 4th.

-Doc Terror

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