Monday, March 31, 2014

Bloke's Terrible Tomb of Terror Issue #9 (Comic Review)

The anthology comic known as Bloke's Terrible Tomb of Terror continues with some interesting takes on classic horror and fantasy stories couple with original works and adaptation from a team of folks who can put together a nice portmanteau book in the style of Creepy, Eerie, Tales from the Crypt and even the films of Amicus. Our host, Bloke, is back again in fine form (several different forms actually) and helping to guide you from story to story, weaving the book together with humor, wit and a sense of the humorous macabre at which this nine installments series has become quite good. If you've read a Bloke book before then the quality, variety of story and artistic skill will not surprise you. You'll enjoy this book as you have the previous eight endeavors. If you're new to the Tomb then read a bit further before ordering your copy. If you're longing for the horror comics of yesterday, you simply have to hit up a website TODAY.

Issue 9 continues the same trend of color cover in the style of your favorite horror comic anthologies similar to Eerie and Creepy and Frazetta. This edition welcomes a new addition to the format. No it's not a regular column or guest spot. It's the presence of the 2013 Ghastly Award badge of honor. Bloke won best horror anthology and displaying the badge proudly. The cover itself is sexy and drippy and bloody with an otherworldly quality that screams erotic evil He-man killed Orko and painted the sky with his insides; a positive thing I can assure you.

Inside you'll five tales of terror. Five fun tales. Some more moral than others and all rich with HORROR!

Partnership - a longer than average tale from Bloke involving some familiar themes for those of you who watch and enjoy the Twilight Zone. While you may THINK you've got the twist, you may not be as smart as you think you are; neither are the protagonists so you're in good company.

Jimmy Goggles, The God - I love a diver suit in horror. One of my favorite villains came courtesy of Scooby Doo... remember the yellow diver suit ghost with all the hanging seaweed? Creepy (future tattoo flash too). This tale is an adaptation of an H.G. Wells story that holds up nice to the fresh face.

Fishy Business - A classic tale of "what creature wants to eat me that lives in the lake". Enjoy.

Special of the Day - A familiar story for horror anthology fans, but one that ends with some unique gory artwork that feels as fresh as some of the voluptuousness painted in each frame. Terrible Tomb of Terror always accentuates and fleshes out some of my favorite women in horror comics.

Too Little, Too Late - A moral tale involving your favorite full moon walkers.

There's something for everyone in this edition but the focus on this issue is monsters, aliens, morality and has an overall feel of an older book. Each story feels moderately timeless save for Jimmy Goggles. All Gothic horror, all the time. Hoffman's covers are exquisite. Jason Crawley's stories are fun and preserve the very things we love about horror anthologies.

ARTISTS THIS ISSUE: Mike Hoffman, Juan Carlos Abraldes Rendo, Rock Baker, Scott Shriver, Antonio Di Cicco.

You can order Bloke's Terrible Tomb of Terror Issue #9 Now! Keep an eye out the great and power Bloke at a convention near you (this goes for you MidAtlantic region). Full schedule thus far posted in the book itself. Also make sure to follow the Bloke on Facebook.

-Doc Terror

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