Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Full Moon Presents DELIRIUM - A Magazine Over 30 Years in the Making

There’s a pink elephant in the room. It’s magenta really, has some exceptionally well spiked tusks with pointed ears, bat wings and resembles something your kid created in art class with teeth. So let’s banish the goddamn elephant before it hurts someone. There’s a new subscription based magazine out now from Full Moon called Delirium, and it’s chock full of the stuff that horror fans love to read about. It covers classic horror movies that are very collectible with excellent special features, in nice packaging with good transfers. Sounds good, right? I agree, but it is imperative that you remember one simple fact (the elephant rears its head). It’s put out by Full Moon, and as such is more or less one solid advertisement for Full Moon’s product lines. Big surprise? It really shouldn’t be, but it is absolutely a must remember when reading. Charlie Band is a great marketer (and not a marketeer as I have been known to call them). He is a business man who knows how to put something in your hand and downright force you to buy it. I know this first hand. He just did it to me at MonsterMania in Cherry Hill, NJ. The real question is should you be paying for a magazine that is essentially the equivalent of a smathering of full length advertisements in interview and review form? Actually, yes.

The editor is Chris Alexander from Fangoria, so if you like Alexander’s style, but maybe not thrilled with their coverage of newer content, this is a perfect option for you to enjoy his take on some retro titles from the Full Moon and Empire catalog. He’s the same Chris Alexander you’ve known for years. His interviews are good. His voice is modern, respectful and funny with hints of irreverence and he tells it like it is. I enjoy the introductions he does for movies on some of the newer Italian Horror releases, and would be interested to see him tackle the Full Moon catalog in the same capacity. That being said, if you dislike Alexander, this magazine may not be for you. It’s not an extension of Fangoria or Gorezone (and Thank you for bring back Gorezone, Chris), but it does have the feeling of some of Fango’s retro mags in particular Fango’s looks back at George Romero, John Carpenter and David Cronenberg.

The article content is informative, original and will be much beloved by horror fans. Re-animator is in focus, and Delirium provides interviews with Barbara Crampton and Stuart Gordon.  There plenty of color pictures throughout the mag, but none more enjoyable than the birthday suit clad Crampton in her most famous role. Putting these images into a magazine is sure way assure its success.

My favorite piece is the look back at David Schmoeller’s Tourist Trap. This is a personal favorite film of mine. When people ask me what my favorite horror movies are it immediate comes to mind and is one of the only movies to actually terrify me (still does… sort of). The discussion is generally a behind the scenes look at the production, actors, casting and release. Some of the anecdotes I’m more than familiar with, others, were fresh and voluptuous pieces of knowledge. Fans of “the Trap’ are in for a treat. Seeing as this is one of the newest releases by Full Moon on Blu-ray, it makes sense to feature it. I’ll be reviewing that title later this month (and perhaps doing a bit more with Chuck Connors and Schmoeller).

There’s a feature on composer Richard Band which plays close to my heart as a fan of Band’s style (including Re-animator’s homage to Psycho), an article by Stuart Gordon about creating super hero movies (it’s totally awesome and out there), a look at the Velvet Vampire straight out of the Grindhouse, a first look at Wizard Studios, the production arm for Full Moon that is producing newly minted/distributed horror features and a look at some of the new era in Full Moon toy-craft. This magazine is full of content, original content with unique stills and images that provide a deeper look into cult classic horror. This is a magazine of substance; a hearty periodical with wonderfully thick paper. Full color. Wait till you get your peepers on the Asian Re-animator poster insert!

Remember when Charles Band and Full Moon revolutionized the videotape industry by throwing Videozone on the end of his releases? It was the precursor to the additional content one finds regularly on the DVD and Blu-ray of today (and on the laser discs of old). Band’s outro to the zine talks about his place in history. It’s a look back at what he’s accomplished, what Delirium hopes to do for fans and how what we can expect in the future. While the intent is pretty clear that we’re dealing with a focused magazine with content that is nearly specific to the marketing aims of Full Moon and its kin, there’s enough in the cannon of this legendary company, filmmaker and spin offs to create the demand for this love letter. Sure you can look at it as a sort of masturbation experiment, but who doesn’t love a good tug under the Full Moon.

You can order Delirium online here, and start a subscription (issue two looks to feature Tombs of the Blind Dead!). Also make sure to follow Full Moon in general on Facebook.

One last note: Remember when I said that I had been “sold” something by Charles Band in person? Well it was a 3 month subscription to their new streaming service that came along with some nice introductory gifts. I plan to review that service in the near futre as well, but since they’ve licensed select titles from the Blue Underground catalog (check out Blue Underground here) you can bet that all the Lustig-y goodness is coming home to roost. More on that later. For now… this is a good mag. Let’s see how it evolves.

-Doc Terror

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