Wednesday, March 19, 2014

La Basura Del Diablo's HELL NIGHT HOLOCAUST From Goblinhaus (CD Review)

Today we've got some new horror punk from La Basura Del Diablo on the docket straight out of Goblinhaus Records. This will be our second look at a Goblinhaus Records artist (Ghosts Run Wild was the first), and they are really digging up some some quality death rock. The first collaboration between Goblinhaus and La Basura Del Diablo is an eight song look into the roots of punk and the evolution of horror punk. If you like your horror music raw with full-bodied guitars and plenty of grave references than this release will definitely get your bones moving.

From Goblinhaus on this release:

Feel the Shock! Feel the Terror! You will recoil and shudder as you witness... “Hell Night Holocaust." Like a shriek in the night, La Basura Del Diablo delivers a full bore horror rock blast in this eight song slab of savagery. As singer/guitarist/songwriter W.F. Mack puts it, "It’s a face melter and a barn burner!" Available exclusively on the CD format on GOBLINHAUS Records.

Let's talk about the band before we dig into the album. They're straight out of Knoxville Tennessee, but their music is anything but Southern. This is pure grit. Pure grime. Speed. Horror. You can hear their influences in each of their songs... Samhain, The Misfits,Alucard, PBR... the essentials. My first impression is that these are fellas who love the horror genre who got together and wrote some songs based on the music they love, but what I'd like to see them do is evolve, finding their own voice. It easy to see they've started down that path. With the collaboration with Dave Peters and Pe6an Music this past December and distribution offered by Goblinhaus they're looking to make a dent in the genre.

While the release isn't overly produced and could use some polish, it is a strong showing form a band that's seen a few releases on a variety of other labels. I suppose the argument can be made that it's punk-fucking-rock after all.  Still, I'd like to see the cymbals buried, the guitars less muddy and the vocals up front. I love the effects used on W. Mack's vocals. It's a Cramps style echo that gives the whole release an older feel. The guitar leads cut nicely through some muddier moments, but the overall musical thoughts can be heard distinctly. These are four chord punk songs with punk structure and punk speed. So if you're looking for the avant-garde or perhaps even an emptier sound, this isn't it. La Basura Del Diablo builds thick walls of sound and then paints images on them with some creative lyrics and narratives that hark back to 60's garage bands.

Favorite tracks on Hell Night Holocaust: "Now That I'm Dead" that truly has that narrative feeling that is not only hook filled, but actually gets you listening to the a very personal tale of undeath. "Curse of the Devil" is anthemic with power chords chomping and a chorus that is very chantable. "Pieces" opens the album with strength and a Social Distortion/Mike Ness like quality that demands a drink or two. The entire album is listenable, but these the tracks that stand out. There are moments of that remind me of The Stooges, of Jim Carroll Band and even a hint of psychobilly.

Just remember to heed the warning on the back of the CD. The album does not contain vulgar language, but it does contain horrifying images. Whatever you do DON'T LISTEN TO IT ALONE!

You can pick up the album now from Goblinhaus Records. There are CD's, Stickers and T-shirts available as well.  The price point is very reasonable for an up and coming band with quality music. Follow Goblinhaus on Facebook. Follow La Basura Del Diablo on Facebook and make sure to enjoy their website.

Let the dead walk through your ears and into your brains.

-Doc Terror

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