Monday, March 24, 2014

PEEKARAMA - Sadie/The Seductress (Vinegar Syndrome DVD) - Intellectual Filth Preserved Beautifully

The Peekarama, Big 2 Unite Show continues with two more movies providing continues adult entertainment.  If you’re not chaffed yet from the previous Vinegar Syndrome releases in the series there’s a good chance that the gorgeous filth on this double feature might where out your welcome. This edition features Sadie and the seductress. This particular collection of films is fairly straightforward providing two adult movies from director Bob Chinn. Each is restored in 2k from 35mm Internegative and a 2k from 16mm Camera negative respectively.  Each also contains the original theatrical trailer. Not many of these Peekarama discs contain bonus features at all, so this is a nice touch.

You can pick up VS-031 from Vinegar Syndrome or DiabolikDVD. Both of these features look excellent in their transfer to DVD and continue a series that provides variety in pairing, content and scope within adult entertainment history… and they help you get off.



Synopsis from Vinegar Syndrome:

Bob’s Chinn’s adaptation of Somerset Maugham’s classic, “Rain,” stars Chris Cassidy as a beautiful prostitute named Sadie living on an island in Borneo during the Vietnam war. With the arrival an Evangelical senator, Sadie’s life is pushed into lust-fueled turmoil in his impeccably written and beautifully photographed erotic masterpiece.

What you get with Sadie is an adult feature that attempts to be intellectual. This is a porn of the thinking man; one who might refer to such pieces of media as erotic fiction rather than spank cinema. While its narrative is more developed, based on a famous published author’s work, it still contains plenty of dirt for those of us looking for a good time. Still, it is also an important time capsule for the adult film industry. A movie like this shows that before we had web cams and POV sites on the web, the focus was on adult entertainment and not purely focused on “getting the viewer off”.

While not my favorite work provided by Vinegar Syndrome thus far I can certainly appreciate its breath and place in the genre.

The Seductress

Synopsis from Vinegar Syndrome:

A mysterious blackmailer is tricking wealthy married couples into having covert erotic liaisons while photographing the action. Who is the sinister culprit and what will be the deadly consequences of their devious plan?

This is clearly a lighthearted picture with plenty of action that more closely resembles the adult fiction plots you may be used to. It’s filled to the grim with naked bodies, but it has a gentle sense of humor that seems to say “GOTCHA!” over and over again. With some stunning beauties and a developed story line, this is a well balanced feature that understands what its audience wants but gives the viewer exactly what he needs.

-Doc Terror

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