Wednesday, April 23, 2014


It’s really about growing up, being different (or unique really) and it’s a movie about defending yourself in the face of the various villains that play a part in your high school life, real, imagined or self-created. That’s All Cheerleaders Die in a nut shell. Think of it as a coming of age movie that mimics some of the worst teen horror films…at first and intentionally only to become a strange science fiction, supernatural adventure into youth, sex and the continuing fight for individuality. Man that’s just a lot to wrap your head around. What did I expect from Lucky McKee (partnered here with Chris Sivertson). McKee has not as of yet disappointed and this is a fine example of how a typical, formulaic horror tale can be turned on it’s head and spin out a whole new world of its own.

Synopsis from Image:

Teenage outsider Maddy is keeping some dark secrets and holding a serious grudge against the captain of the Blackfoot High football team. When Maddy joins the school's elite and powerful cheerleading squad, she convinces her new friends to help inflict her revenge. After a late-night party goes awry, their plans take an unexpected turn for the worst and all of the girls die. A sinister, supernatural power intervenes and the girls mysteriously appear at school the next day with a killer new look… and some unusual new appetites.


For the first 40 minutes or so I was left wanting and waiting and feeling like the great movie gods gyped me into a watching yet another high school horror movie with plenty of strange kills, relationships gone sour and uncreative kills… preferably skin if I’m lucky. Around the midpoint of this feature the actresses who are the highlight of the film with some genuine performances taking on some traditional stereotypes, really shined. The plot twisted, turned and created a new movie altogether that sort of reminded me of Chronicle at least in plot device, moderate use of the POV perspective and the camaraderie among friends.  The end of the features turns the world you’ve been introduced to on its end and creates the opportunity for a lengthy series that could provide us with a sequel (not giving away anything here mind you).

All Cheerleaders Die is hitting VOD on May the 8th. While it’s a modern horror/thriller it definitely has a few original concepts up its sleeve. While it does not break any real ground, it does come up with a few unique concepts that should keep the less cynical, non-gore-obsessed horror fiends entertained. It’s lighthearted until it’s not. It’s ordinary until it wants to show you what it really is. It's billing as a horror comedy, but it's kinda of lacking in the funny, so don't go expecting This is the End.

-Doc Terror

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