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Big Bad Wolves (Magnet Blu-ray) - Torture Art, Not Torture Porn

Big Bad Wolves has turned into one great big hype machine since Quentin Tarantino endorsed the film calling it the movie of the year. That's a bold statement to use a Tarantino catch phrase, but it is one that I'm likely to follow to the theater or into my Blu-ray layer being a rather avid fan of Tarantino's work. In general we find common ground in the films we enjoy. He has led me to many a grindhouse classic or obscure artsy picture that I might not otherwise of loved. I do not fear my love of Tarantino but embrace it. Sometimes even saying that you would which a movie that Q.T. would endorse gets your head cut off on the great big web of webs (a relevant death given the subject matter at hand in our movie du jour). If that's the reason you avoid this feature than you should probably stay away from the entire Shaw Brothers catalog as well among other countless classic films that to which Quentin ascribes his seal of approval. Big Bad Wolves is a challenging torture fest that is not torture porn; it is a shocker much in the same vain as movies like Seven or Fargo. That's coming from Doc Jimbo, and not from Mr. Controversy-starter if that holds any weight for you (I'm not even sure it holds weight for me).

Synopsis from Magnet:

A series of brutal murders puts the lives of three men on a collision course: the father of the latest victim now out for revenge, a vigilante police detective operating outside the boundaries of law, and the main suspect in the killings - a religious studies teacher arrested and released due to a police blunder.


Big Bad Wolves looks great on Blu-ray. It's a modern feature, shot well and sounds bloody awesome with vibrant dynamic audio that punctuated my house with blistering sounds of deranged torture and debauch. I can see why it has drawn critical praise with well placed cameras, slow moving shots that reveal truths and not simply new locations. Directors Aharon Keshales and Navot Papushado are well educated, students of film who have clearly watched more film than they've shot. They embrace the techniques of masters before them, and while I have yet to see their singular previous effort Rabies, enjoying Big Bad Wolves has assured me that I must reach out and enjoy it sooner rather than later. If it's half as good as this feature it will be memorable, but from what I understand it is a powerhouse of a feature that was noted on a few best of lists upon its release.

Who will find an audience in Big Bad Wolves? Fans of Tarantino's work and influence should enjoy the picture just about as much as he said you would. It may not be your number one, but it should be in a top twenty (to give some wiggle room). It's a deranged movie filled with exquisite scenes of gruesome torture that, while not innovative, will last in your mind. Traumatizing but not gratuitous. All the extreme violence you will see is necessary. Think of the things you don't want done to your body. Aharon Keshales and Navot Papushado will show them to you. The goddamn blow torch scene was the first thing I thought of upon waking this morning. It's memorable in a way you truly don't want a scene to be memorable. Well orchestrated physical effects round out the sick spinnings of warped filmmakers' minds. How far would you go to uncover the wicked murder of a child? Not as far as these fellas I can assure you.

With a twist and sting that will elate the viewer, the pay off for Big Bad Wolves is absolutely worth your time. Remember that there are multiple ways to be shocked by a film. There are multiple ways for a movie to get under your skin. It's not always about the bombastic C-4 level explosions of movies like A Serbian Film. Sometimes it's the quiet, surgical detonation that yields the great damage. I highly recommend this picture especially on this damn beautiful Blu-ray release. If it takes awhile to wind up and get interesting, I assure you that the whole thing pics up the pace about a third of the way through, and you won't have watched it all just to see a movie that you've watched over and over again. The hype isn't hype at all but genuine resounding praise for a good second effort by talented fellas from
Israel (It has subtitles, but don't let that stop you horror-verse).

Bonus Features include:
  • Making of Big Bad Wolves
  • AXS TV: A Look at Big Bad Wolves
  • Theatrical Trailer
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-Doc Terror

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