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True confessions of a horror junkie time… I didn’t like the first season of Holliston. It was not that I HATED it. I just found that the episodes felt a bit long winded, some of the comedy felt obvious or forced, perhaps overdone and the damn laugh track was clever… until it was annoying. I like Joe Lynch. I like Adam Green. I love their movies and acting style. I’m a huge fan of both Gwar and Twisted Sister (Oderus and Dee Snider are regulars). I even love Corri English and Laura Ortiz with which I was unfamiliar prior to the first season. So there were a couple small items that made a big difference in my enjoyment of the program and ultimately led to my lack of appreciation for it. Let me tell you that I’ve actually felt a little bad for not liking it more. On paper this should be my favorite TV show. I should have a goddamn T-shirt of the thing and maybe even a signed copy of the Blu-ray. Not liking season one was not easy. I’ve even felt guilty giving my opinion of the show because in all honesty, I think Lynch and Green have made some great contributions to the horror-verse INCLUDING Holliston despite my personal preference against it.

When the Christmas Special was released through Fearnet I was skeptical at best, but I knew that I had to give the guys as many chances as they would afford me to like the program. Christmas Horror is only second to Italian Horror in my subset of favorite horror subgenres. I’m glad to say that with this single episode I “got it”. I finally figured out how to love Holliston and, in turn, truly enjoyed Holliston The Complete Second Season.

From Fearnet:

The most original, groundbreaking sitcom to ever hit television is back with a whole new level of hilarity and outrageousness! Join Adam (Adam Green), Joe (Joe Lynch), Laura (Laura Ortiz), Corri (Corri English), Oderus Urungus (GWAR's Dave Brockie), and Lance Rockett (Twisted Sister's Dee Snider) as they deal with zombies, werewolves, a suicidal horror icon, a cursed videotape, a psychotic 11-year-old girl and so much more!


What made the change in my Grinchy/Scroogey heart? Not a whole lot, but I can safely say that I get it now. In all fairness the attributes that I disliked in the first season are probably the same things I dislike about most season one’s regardless of genre. I found that that characters that I loved had strayed from some of the more obvious physical comedy and recycled one liners and had created original horror humor with which I could identify. That’s a powerful feeling. The relationships having been established between characters, I could finally enjoy the interactions and strange sexual over, under and mid tones. Of course Dave Brockie and Dee Snider hadn’t really changed much from season one, but I wasn’t busy shrugging off some of the questionable laughs and was able to appreciate their banter with Green and Lynch. I also figured out that if I watched the disc on my computer, the laugh track seemed distant due to the speaker quality/size. I still don’t like the overuse of a laugh track in any form. This is my own pet peeve, and it’s a complaint that I have heard before in discussions about the show. I’m glad I found a way around it. I understand why it is used, but it’s not for me.

Season two features Sid Haig, Kane Hodder, Danielle Harris, David Naughton and even Seth Green. My favorite episode by far even above and beyond my adoration for the Christmas feature is an episode that finds Kane Hodder recruiting Danielle Harris for Adam and Joe’s independent slasher feature, SHINPADS. We come to find out that not only is Danielle Harris an adorable, seductive pill addict, but that has a fetish that features in her the garb of one of her previous roles (bet you can’t guess which one). Hodder is distraught after realizing that he was passed over for the role of Jason Voorhees in Freddy vs. Jason (which had already lensed many years earlier). The surprise twist at the end of this episode actually had me spit my Apple Jacks on my laptop screen over breakfast. I’m pretty sure my two year old thinks she has better table manners than I do (ultimately true). I can assure you that there is nothing sexier than Danielle Harris in horror gear, popping Vicodin, having strange relations with Adam Green. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. Just call her Jamie Lloyd.  David Naugton’s cameo is exceptional, creative and very funny. They even take a stab or two at John Landis (hysterical).

The Blu-ray itself provides some nice bonus material including cast commentary, deleted scenes, a gag reel and behind the scenes goodies. Of course the Chrstimas episode is included, is hilarious and would be worth it for you to buy this set even if that’s the only thing you enjoy about it.  The cover art is perfect, fun and fitting with the style of the show. It’s tee worthy. Maybe now I can make good on that wearable promise.

So I apologize now wholeheartedly for my lack of love for the first season. I’ll even give it another go now that I have a better understanding and interaction with the cast. I feel like a weight has been lifted, and the only thing I can say for season 3 is we need some Pamela Springsteen to reprise her role from Sleepaway Camp 2 and 3. The guys go to camp or something or become camp counselors as a way to fund their next movie project. Maybe a few other faces from that series combined with some Friday the 13th cameos? Please? I’ll write the episode (I work cheap).

Holliston The Complete Second Season is out now. Available on Blu-ray and DVD and absolutely perfect for the horror comedy lover.

If you didn’t like season one… give this a chance. I’m glad I did. Adam and Joe… you guys have a new fan for the show.

-Doc Terror

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