Thursday, May 29, 2014

ITALIAN HORROR WEEK PREVIEW: Seeding the Tournament and Pre-Elimination Battles

We have a shitload of goodies planned for you this Italian Horror Week from several giveaways, guest contributors, a new 8 Bit Faux NES game from Hacktivision and a TOURNAMENT OF CHAMPIONS. Today we're here to discuss an event unlike any in Italian Horror Week history. A great spectacle that will pit sixteen of the fiercest competitors known to Italy... nay the WORLD. I'm talking about...


Maestro Mania will feature sixteen composers in a single elimination tournament to decide who is the best Italian composer of all time. Some of the names you'll know. Some you may not, but you will be given the chance to listen to each one and make a choice. YOU will be asked to vote for your favorites based on the selected musical composition. Granted that won't be the only criteria used to decide the winner, but it's going to help push your favorite to victory! 

So we announce this now, a little over a month before ITALIAN HORROR WEEK begins Friday July 11th because we have some housecleaning to do. We need decide who will enter the tournament and, eventually, seed this puppy. Today we are going to offer you a little pre-show. I want you to look at the battles below and let me know who you decide would be the victor. You can send your selections (please vote on all and listen to the tunes) at, comment below, @drjimmyterror on Twitter (and follow me) or comment on our page on Facebook (make sure to like the page to start getting info about giveaways starting SOON!). Voting will get you an extra entry into an upcoming contest to be announced in the coming weeks, so there's actually something in for you.

Your battles to vote on are as follows. This is a preliminary round. If you're not seeing some familiar names, don't worry. They'll be around soon enough.

Match 1

Luciano Michelini 
Composer of Screamers aka Island of the Fishmen and The Suspicious Death of a Minor

Music from Screamers aka Island of the Fishmen


Al Festa
Composer of Zombie 4: After Death, Fatal Frames and Robowar

Music from Zombie 4

Match 2

Angelo Francesco Lavagnino
Composer of Gorgo, Castle of the Living Dead and Queens of Evil

Music from Gorgo

Piero Piccioni
Composer of The Witches

Music from The Witches

Match 3

Daniele Patcucchi
Composer of Sacrifice! aka Deep River Savages, Wild Beasts, Frankenstein 80 and Plot of Fear

Music from Sacrifice!


Piero Umiliani
Composer of 5 Dolls for an August Moon, Baba Yaga, Viva! Django, Return of Django and Django Defies Sartana

Music from 5 Dolls for an August Moon

Match 4

Marcello Giombini
Composer of Knife of Ice, Maniac Mansion, Waves of Lust, The Bloodsucker Leads the Dance, Anthropophagus and Beast in Space

Music from Anthropophagus


Guido & Maruizio De Angelis
A Blade in the Dark, 2019 After the Fall of New York, The Last Shark, Alien 2: On Earth, Killer Fish and Torso

Music from A Blade in the Dark

Match 5

I Libra
Composer of Beyond the Door 2 aka Shock

Music from Beyond the Door II aka Shock


Nico Fidenco
Composer of Zombie Holocaust, Emmanuelle and the Last Cannibals, Black Emmanuelle, Porno Holocaust and Imagesin a Convent

Music from Zombie Holocaust

Match 6

Robert Nicolosi
Composer of Black Sunday, Black Sabbath, Il Ciel in Una Stanza

Music from Black Sunday


Berto Pisano 
Composer of Burial Ground: The Nights of Terror, Strip Nude for Your Killer, Death Smiled at Murder, Patrick Still Lives, Django Kills Softly and The Girl in Room 2A

Music from Burial Ground
Match 7

Carlo Maria Corio
Composer of Pieces, Absurd, Aenigma, The Emperor Caligula, Beyond the Door III, Troll 2, Creepers, Body Puzzle and The Hobgoblin

Music from Absurd


Walter Rizzati
Composer of House by the Cemtery and 1990: Bronx Warriors

Music from House by the Cemetery

Match 8

Bruno Nicolai 
Composer of Caligula, Nightmares Come at Night, Count Dracula (1970), Bloody Judge, The Case of the Scorpion’s Tale, The French Sex Murders, All the Colors of the Dark, The Case of the Bloody Iris, Your Vice is a Locked Room and Only I have the Key, Dracula versus Frankenstein, Eyeball, Virgin Among the Living Dead

Music from All the Colors of the Dark


Robert Donati/Fiamma Maglione
Composer of Cannibal Ferox and Eaten Alive!

Music from Cannibal Ferox

Winner of Memorial Day Weekend Challenge of the Paolo Vasile match against Gianni Marchetti is Gianni Marchetti! 

Happy Voting! 2nd Round Coming Next Week! 
Oh and yeah... that's an embossed bottle of J&B on the title belt in the picture, and the picture itself is a re-imagining of the WRESTLEMANIA III poster.

-Doc Terror