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PEEKARAMA: Pretty Peaches 2/Pretty Peaches 3 (Vinegar Syndrome DVD)

Everyone who I have recommended VS-038 to so far, Pretty Peaches 2 and Pretty Peaches 3 in the Big 2 Unit Show presentation of the Peekarama series has one question... where's Pretty Peaches? The original. While I haven't asked our friends at Vinegar Syndrome it does look like Blue Pix put out Pretty Peaches and VCA put out the two sequels originally. Maybe it boils down to pure rights issues or maybe they're saving it for marriage (is it gonna be a white wedding Vinegar Syndrome?) The important thing for you to know is that this release is really very cool though I must admit that my heart is with Pretty Peaches 2... Hey, Peaches Loves to Watch and Learn. See Peaches Walk. See Peaches Run. See Peaches jump on a big ol' cock and have fun. 


Synopsis from Vinegar Syndrome:

Young Peaches is curious about sex. Her boyfriend can’t teach her and her mother won’t so, on the advice of her father, she hits the road to visit crazy uncle Howard and his most peculiar family…

The main thing I want to tell you about this entry in the Peaches series is that it's star studded. Fuck-a-doodle-doo! Ron Jeremy. Peter North. Jamie Gillis! If there's one thing I friggin' love about Vinegar Syndrome's obsession with creating unsightly pants bulges it's putting one of my heroes in all of the movies they feature for distribution. Jamie Gillis is the king of the strange and unusual. The roughie. The bad boy who makes you laugh before spit lubing you. In Pretty Peaches 2, Jamie Gillis dresses up in drag and then has a nice romp in a fairly classy manor house. It's absolutely worth the price of admission. 

Pretty Peaches 2 came in 1987, nearly ten years after the original movie. I'm sure that there's minimal plot continuation and this feels like merely an attempt to cash in on the Emmanuelle female performer focused adult feature.  This is one zany movie perfect for 1987 though you can tell that our once limber and studly performers have let themselves go some. By 1989, when Pretty Peaches 3 comes about the porn industry will begin to take a turn for less plot driven features on an even lower budget with a failure to support the star system. 

Features the trailer and is a 2k transfer from a 35mm negative. It looks damn good. This is the kind of porn I grew up with. 1.85:1 AR


Synopsis from Vinegar Syndrome:

Peaches is feeling that her life in the trailer park is empty. On the advice of her lesbian doctor, she travels to San Francisco seeking spiritual enlightenment but soon finds herself engulfed in the bizarre world of a sex obsessed traveling Evangelist.

Then there's Pretty Peaches 3. Now I'm glad Vinegar Syndrome gave us a double feature with both entries because I'm not a huge fan of the third installment in the Peaches series. It continues the wild education and sexual enlightening of Peaches but it's not nearly as fun or funny and the cast isn't quite as strong though it features the return of Tracey Adams and Jamie Gillis. There's also nuns and a character by the name of Dr. Thunderpussy... suck on that for awhile! I wish the over the top antics of this feature could have been presented in a more entertaining way. Porn has this habit of sticking scenes together in a haphazard way. They art is to make the audience not realize that's all there doing trying to get the next shtoop. 

This 1989 feature also comes as a 2k transfer from the original camera negative. No extras. At least it's subtitle is THE QUEST! I suppose it still embodies the same 80's porn sensibilities that I've always loved, but when put up against Pretty Peaches 2 there's no contest.

Alex deRenzy continued to make adult features in the 1990's mostly focusing on titles with the word "Anal" in the title. The variations are eclectic at best, but as humorous as we like our up-the-butt smut. DeRenzy died in 2001, but he does share a birthday with my wife.

Note: Alpha Blue put out the first Peaches on DVD. Available at DiabolikDVD. 

-Doc Terror

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