Thursday, June 12, 2014

Demonic Toys (Full Moon Blu-ray) - How the Toys Kill

While I've been a Puppet Master fan since I was a kid, I've never seen Demonic Toys before tonight. I'll wait for the gasp followed by the sound of a quiet auditorium and crickets. It's not that I'm unfamiliar with the story or the artwork, the trailers or even the epic battle versus the puppets from Puppet Master. I've just never put the movie into my eyeballs before last night. The verdict: I had a great time with this classic early 90's  (might as well be 80's) horror flick with classic Full Moon/Empire style of practical effects work. I'm glad that I now have the chance to revisit the franchise including the sequel and other battles. The cover art is iconic, and if you're a horror fan than you know it well. 

The first step to dealing with the embarrassment of not having seen a classic Full Moon movie is to enjoy it to its fullest which I did.

First and foremost we have to understand that we are watching a movie called Demonic Toys, and that the title says it all. You're going to watch a movie about possessed toys, how they got that way and the bigger picture (what they want). The acting is as cheesy as you would expect and want it to be.  We are not dealing with a large budget feature. This is made before computer generated effects took off save for some pretty basic shit. Real people working on real creepy looking toys. 


They're cute and cuddly by day, lethal demons by night. Ruthless killing machines come alive for just one purpose...death. And for five adults in an abandoned warehouse, every child's worst nightmare has become a deadly reality...
While on a stakeout, Judith Gray (Tracy Scoggins), a beautiful, tough cop, is trapped inside a warehouse full of toys. But these are no ordinary playthings – they have been awakened to murderous life by a strange child of darkness, "The Kid" (Daniel Cerny).
Each toy feeds on blood: Jack Attack heads straight for the throat, Grizzly Teddy is not afraid to show its claws, and Baby Oopsie Daisy is truly to die for. Now it's up to Gray and a passing delivery boy, Mark Wayne (Bentley Mitchum), to stop the deadly, DEMONIC TOYS!

When you sign up for a movie like Demonic toys you're looking for exquisite kill sequences based on the attributes of the toy killers in question. While the Puppet Master line of toy killer may be difficult to top in look and method, the Demonic Toys actually have a surreal look all of their own. It reminded me of a somewhat lower budget version of the creatures in Troll. The blood is phony bologna but perfectly so. Some of the effects are creepy especially the demon child's eyes (green eyes always works). Combine the Full Moon effects work styling with a very attractive nude scene and this would have been perfect for my all night movie marathons at 12 year olds (or even now). 

If you haven't seen Demonic Toys then this is the best way to watch it. I'm not going to pretend that this is the perfect transfer. I haven't watched the previous release of it though I can say it is far superior to the VHS copy you may have picked out of the dollar bin. Sure that tape is collectible but you'll want this to be in the highest definition possible to appreciate the Full Moon brand of effects. The transfer is fine though it didn't jump out at me. Still, for those of you who don't own this one, a great way to to see and enjoy it. 

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Release info:

* Original Demonic Toys VideoZone
* Rare Full Moon Trailers

5.1 surround sound
16:9 widescreen
Region A
Original release 1992
Remastered release 2014

And guess what? It even has the original Video Zone! This is why we love Charles Band. He comes up with ideas that reach horror fans, entertain horror fans and translate visually to the screen while actually tapping some of our best childhood fears. 

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