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GUEST REVIEW: DELIVERY As Reviewed By JC - Fetal Found Footage

Tonight kiddies, we have a special treat. A guest! The great JC (not John Carpenter or Jesus Christ) from beyond the world of the nethers has come to join us for a review of a most uncommon tale of much-prego-demonico (or name your own catch phrase that sounds kitch and kill). JC is an avid horror fan. A fan of old and new horror who isn't afraid to like a new genre style, remake or admit to be a rather talented horror artists. If you own the issue of HorrorHound with the Gates of Hell on the cover, JC is featured in the letters section. Expect more reviews from him over the coming months, and perhaps a few tricks in the form of collaborations as the two kids kicked out of the audio visual club in school prepare to give DOCTERROR some video enhancements. 

Enjoy the review below of DELIVERY! Tee hee hee. - DOC

So let me be the first to say that I actually do love the found footage genre. I soaked that shit in from the first time I watched Cannibal Holocaust. I was blown away from the Blair Witch experience and then for the first time in a long time, had sleepless nights from the nightmare inducing Paranormal Activity. Found footage movies, when done right, just ooze that "holy shit that feels fucking real" vibe. The three movies referred to above are classic examples of the genre. Raise your hand if you've ever went camping with friends and family and found yourself getting up when everyone slept to leave little piles of rocks and twigs at their doorstep. Hello- that was me! Raise your hand if you've ever gotten up in the middle of the night to take a piss and thought to yourself "how fucked up would it be if I went over to the wife's side of the bed and fucking stood there for a few minutes, maybe even make it a little noise to get her to open her eyes?. Yeah, come to think of it, that is kind of fucked up to do, and knowing my wife, she would probably fucking stab me if I even attempted that shit. But as horror fiends, you know our minds work that way. When horror is done right, you carry those movies with you always.

That brings us to Delivery: The Beast Within. First time Director Brian Netto and screenwriter Adam Schlinder's attempt at the found footage horror genre. I must say I waited for this movie for quite some time. Read all the positive festival reviews out there in internet land too. I was ready. I was sure that this cross between Rosemary's Baby & Paranormal Activity was going to be fucking awesome. I mean how creepy was that scene we all saw in the trailer with mom-to-be finding the bedroom an icy cold - cue the visible breath from Rachael and then cue the visible breath from the towering invisible presence standing directly next too her? Perfect! Bring this fucker on. I may be taking a stroll back down Paranormal Activity lane!

So there I was, settling in to finally watch this. I purposely avoided Devils Due as I felt that this was the better "reality show turned pregnancy horror" flick of the two.

"Delivery" represents the title of the reality television show which is set to follow married couple Rachael and Kyle Massey as they embark on the roller coaster ride towards having their first baby. (I swear to god that I thought my rental actually stopped and my wife clicked over to the Bravo channel) That is how real the reality show vibe was from the start. 

The show was going to unfold over the 9 month period with cameras catching every moment of their everyday lives. However, what we eventually learn from the show’s producer, told through sit down interviews, is that the episodes never aired due to the ever growing horrors caught by the camera lens during its production. What was wrong with Rachael? Was she truly haunted? Was her baby really chosen by some evil being or was she simply going mad?

Once the story gets going and we begin watching the unaired/raw footage to understand what happens to this couple, we start to see the downward spiral of Rachael and the impact her personality and actions start to take on her overall marriage (BTW, just to point this out. When things start to go awry, husband Kyle becomes more and more of a complete asshole. I so wanted to bitch slap him a few times for sure). As Rachael's pregnancy progresses, things to start to veer towards the strange even more. Rachael is convinced that her baby is not what it seems to be. Due to nightmares, she barely sleeps anymore. Rachael now spends most of her nights awake and painting pictures- each picture darker than the next. She looks to be either going insane or possessed. Director Brian Netto does a good job here blurring those lines so you are never quite sure what exactly is going on with our mom to be.

Eventually we start to see what we perceive to be the supernatural come forward and the footage begins to cross into the Paranormal Activity arena. Unexplained noises and screams picked up by the crews audio system. Knockings at the front door with no one present. The usual horror tropes found in movies dealing with the "haunted" element. Once the creep factor starts to amp up a bit, this is when I started to be let down by the inability to provide some solid scares. The opportunity is there for sure but where I wanted another 10 seconds of creepiness, maybe a few jump scares sprinkled in as well, the scenes just never went there. The scares for me for me in this movie come off as never quite fully realized in my opinion. I just feel that it could have been much, much more. The concept here is solid and the ending is definitely there for shock value (I do agree that I did not see it coming but in the totality of the movie itself, I see how it makes perfect sense). Even the ending though could have had a bit more substance to it. It was a "what the fuck" moment though for sure. I will give them that.

At the end of the day, this movie is a decent addition to the found footage genre and a good starting point for the duo of Brian Netto and Adam Schindler to build upon. I would be interested in what other horror tricks they have up their sleeves going forward. Ones to watch for sure.

When I finished my initial viewing of this movie, I really wanted to pound it into submission. I sat there thinking "that is it”? That's all I am going to get here? Maybe my expectations were too high going in given the praise heaped on this film. The more I rehash it though in my mind, maybe it wasn't so bad after all. The story is solid and I've seen worse acting in these types of films before. Still, the scares were just few and far between and never really elicited that cringe inducing fear I so eagerly anticipated at the start.

I will be watching this one again though and maybe I will appreciate it more the second time around. With that said, I will also be given the Devil’s Due a looksee as well. Now I am curious to what that film has to offer.

5 out of 10 demon babies here folks!

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