Wednesday, June 25, 2014


Last year we did an excellent giveaway with DiabolikDVD in which we allowed you to choose one of two options for your prize. Either you go with the Region A/1 discs because you live in the United States and obviously haven't visited 220 Electronics yet or you chose Region FREEDOM! Choosing Region Freedom meant that you had a player at home that could play DVDs and Blu-rays from around the world. That got me thinking. We need to HELP people become... free. There's nothing more contagious then region freedom. Once your friend gets a region free player, you realize that you no longer have to be bound to the region locked discs lacking the cool case, the special feature or, in the worst case scenario, a RELEASE AT ALL! This is not to say that Region 1/A locked discs are bad in anyway. Many companies put out perfectly competent locked discs from every region of the world, but you should get the choice. You should be able to play what you want in any region from any region.

Today we give you the chance to make that choice. Today we are giving away FREEDOM (boy is this starting to sound like a political campaign). ITALIAN HORROR WEEK starts July 11th, but we're starting this giveaway now. 

Here's what you win (from 220 Electronics website):

Sony BDP-S5100 Region Free Blu-ray DVD Player
  • Plays Standard DVDs from Any Region (1-8)
  • Plays Blu-Ray Discs from Any Region (A, B, & C) 
  • Multi-Region, Zone Free, PAL & NTSC Playback
  • Worldwide Voltage (110-240 Volts) for Global use (included because this is a worldwide giveaway)
  • 2D/3D Full HD 1080p Playback via HDMI
  • DVD Upscaling & 2D to 3D Conversion
  • Built-in 2.4 GHz Sony Super Wi-Fi
  • DLNA Compatibility
  • Dolby TrueHD and; DTS-HD Master Audio
  • Front Panel USB Media Player
  • Ethernet Port
  • Supports AVCHD, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, Motion JPEG, WMV9, XVID playback
We fucking love you guys. We want you to experience the same joy we do when watching a movie that contains the content we want to see, the way we want to see it, with the packaging we want and by the company we want to support. I personally own a Sony Region Free Blu-ray player and love it. I bought it from 220 Electronics. Their customer service is excellent, especially when you forget how to change the Blu-ray to Region B because you threw out the instructions at 11:30 at night while you're holding Hammer's Dracula in your hand from the UK with only your underwear on.

The way you win this giveaway actually isn't all that difficult. In fact simply by liking our Facebook page or/and following us on Twitter @drjimmyterror (one entry per follow/like), you are entered into this giveaway. I only ask that in addition to liking the page you also shoot me a quick email with your name and address (various pictures or drawings... poetry) so we can keep track of every single one of you with some of the OTHER ways you you can enter. Let's run this down for you.

(Each is worth 1 entry unless otherwise stated)

2. Follow Doc Terror on Twitter @drjimmyterror 
3. Like  DiabolikDVD's Facebook page (or follow them on Twitter)
4. Like The Liberal Dead's Facebook page (or follow them on Twitter)
5. Like The Dead Air Podcast Facebook page (or follow them on Twitter)
6. Share this giveaway on your favorite social media platform 
7. Share any article from Italian Horror Week 2014 (Honor System. Max of 5 but let me know that you did. Make it something you love)
8. Tell me via email what your favorite Italian Horror Movie is.
9. Vote in each round of the MAESTRO MANIA competition (I'll keep track of you when you email me your vote).
10. Like Little Punk People on Facebook (or follow them on Twitter)

The best thing to do is to send me an email. Let me know which of the things above you've done to enter. Send email with subject like REGION FREEDOM! to and be sure to include your name and where you want it mailed to. And if you're a contributor to Italian Horror Week, you're already entered (thank you so much for helping out and being a part of this event). Giveaway ends July 21st (so that you get a chance to enjoy all the articles from Italian Horror Week first).

During the week we may throw trivia at you that will get you another entry or provide additional ways to get a chance to win. We randomly pick one of you, but the more ways you enter, the more chances you have to win. This is worldwide. I will ship it anywhere (there are places in the world where I will need a box of tissues to send it, and you may notice tear drops on the box). Region locking is an issue for everyone in the world, and I like to think of this as an international celebration of Italian Horror. 

I urge you to support 220 Electronics. I urge you to support DiabolikDVD. 220 Electronics is an amazing way for everyone to go region free. DiabolikDVD sells the movies worldwide that you are looking for, many of them region locked and AWESOME!



  1. Do we send one email with all our entries or send an email for each thing we do. ( the voting for instance-send an email to you for each time I vote or one email only)

    1. You can send one email up front letting me know youve done the "liking and following" and a second once you have shared items during IHW. I sort by name and tally your results in a spreadsheet before creating the pool. Or one email works later with it altogether.