Wednesday, June 18, 2014

ITALIAN SPLATTERFEST III - Lineup Announced - Fulci, Lenzi and Argento, Girolami

Let's start off by saying that the Colonial Theatre in Phoenixville, PA isn't just a great place to see movies. It has some of the best regular programming around. If it wasn't two hours from my house I'd be there every weekend with the kids. These are the folks responsible for Blobfest in July that usually runs concurrent with Italian Horror Week (and will again this year). Why do they participate in a festival called Blobfest? Because this is the theatre where the original Blob was filmed and came out through the projection booth. They even have a plaque to commemorate the event that you can go and touch in the balcony (yep, they have a bad ass balcony). 

You can buy tickets below. We will also be giving away two tickets to the Splatterfest during Italian Horror Week starting July 11th.

They've just announced their Italian Splatterfest lineup for August 30th, and it packs a wallop. Trailers included below with a brief comment about each.

The Beyond 

This is the ultimate Fulci movie no matter what your favorite is. This one has it all. It's like one get big splatter of zombies and ghosties and spiders and haunted hotels and Hell and shock and crazy. This was one of my early Italian Horror movies. I've written about it to no end (and will not stop) and it will be featured in our Gates of Hell trilogy 8 Bit Faux game during Italian Horror Week.


One of the best scores and soundtrack ever assembled by in an Italian movie. Features Donald Pleasance and Jennifer Connolly, a bunch of insects and a monkey with a razor. Totally creepy. Utterly gross. One of my favorites and perhaps the most accessible title for non-Italian heads.

Dr. Butcher MD

This is a schlock fest to be sure. I've seen it a couple times on the big screen, and it never fails to entertain with plenty of gore and guts. It has a plot. It has several plots. Best to figure out which one you like the best and stick with it till end. Also known as Zombie Holocaust. 

Cannibal Ferox

The Umberto Lenzi cannibal shocker. This was my first Italian cannibal cycle flick. The music is danceable (yes, danceable) and the gore is free flowing. It is a direct response to the success to Cannibal Holocaust which may be the better movie, but this is a different level of gonzo. Boobs... on hooks. That is all. 

and a movie To Be Announced (which I have been assured will be a rare gem).

From the Colonial Theatre:

It's time to drop the huge announcement we know many of our horror fans have been clamoring for. Here's the lineup for our 3rd annual All-Night Italian Splatterfest! Running from 7pm until sometime in the 3 o'clock hour, the Splatterfest is the ultimate sensory endurance test at the Colonial. We'll have trailers, posters and T-shirts for sure, plus several really cool surprises in store.

Do us a solid by spreading the word (and the attached image) far and wide so we can pack the house.

Tickets are on sale now:

For completeness... here are the two score cards for the previous two years. 

Italian Splatterfest I lineup:
Anthropophagus (Grim Reaper)
Screamers (Island of the Fishmen)
Beyond the Door 2 (Shock)
Nightmare (Nightmare in a Damaged Brain)
City of the Walking Dead (Nightmare City)

Italian Splatterfest II lineup (which I am still sad that I missed):
Killer Fish
Deep Red (Profondo Rosso)
Women's Prison Massacre
Burial Ground
The Gates of Hell (City of the Living Dead