Tuesday, June 17, 2014

NEW RELEASE UPDATE: The Phantom Of The Opera 1925 Soundtrack by The Laze (now up for pre-order)

One Way Static puts out some pretty amazing vinyl. Recently they released the Cannibal Ferox soundtrack on vinyl and cassette. It is a beautiful release. They even put out a rare, super explicit cover that shows some rather gorgeous violence from the film. This time around they are putting out a soundtrack of the Phantom of the Opera as created by The Laze. Now I'm new to The Laze, but sounds like a blend of Carpenter and Goblin would be perfect for this silent classic and even better for my turntable.

Full release notes from One Way Static include variations and pre-order instructions.

You can now pre-order our latest release: Rupert Julian's 'THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA' (1925 Motion Picture Soundtrack by THE LAZE).

We are really proud of this release, The Laze are an amazing 7 piece band bringing you a great score in the vein of Goblin and Carpenter mixed with nervous classical music and Baroque Dance. Making this album an instant classic.

Once again we spared no efforts nor costs to make this release one you can expect OWS to deliver. This release also contains original art by LUKE INSECT (The Human League, A Field In England, DeathWaltz Records,…)

THE LIMITED SPECIAL EDITION VINYL comes packaged in a deluxe gatefold old school tip-on jacket with printed insert.

Available on :

The variants are inserted randomly and are limited to #500 copies each worldwide. They come sequentially foil numbered (2 series of /500).

Also included is a STREAMING CARD where you can find a private link to view the original 1925 movie synchronized with the new soundtrack. This card is exclusive to the limited vinyl edition.

THE REGULAR EDITION VINYL is packaged in a deluxe gatefold old school tip-on jacket.
Pressed on classic BLACK VINYL. Limited to #1000 copies worldwide.

Cassette Edition with alternate artworks. Limited to #300 copies worldwide. Comes with an extra bonus track not on the vinyl version.

Static Club members with a cassette option will automatically receive the limited variant, limited to #100 copies. Left-overs will go to non Static Club members who order first.

Compact Disc Edition. Packaged in a deluxe Digipak Limited to #1000 copies worldwide. Comes with an extra bonus track not on the vinyl version.

Digital Download. Comes with an extra bonus track not on the vinyl version.

You can now pre-order all versions, your order will be shipped on August 12 . Due to the highly limited nature of this release we urge you to pre-order it. There is no guarantee there will be any left on the actual street date.

UK and  European customers can order straight from our website

US and Canadian based customers can order straight from

If you are located outside these territories you can choose who you order from, we both ship out worldwide. 

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