Wednesday, June 11, 2014

RELEASE UPDATE - STAGEFRIGHT From Blue Underground Releasing September 23rd. Extras and Packaging Update

This is the year of Aquarius... or StageFright as you may know it better. I almost did a write up detailing the reasons you knew that a Blu-ray of Stagefright was coming this year. Number one way? A new release, musical horror movie by the name Stagefright came out this year. Second way you might know that a StageFright proper Blu-ray release as hitting American soil? Lord of Tears came out featuring an owl head man. While these two news items may be completely unrelated to the actual release by Blue Underground the synchronicity of the thing should not be understated. 

Back to Soavi's StageFright. If you haven't had the chance to enjoy this movie now is the time to become familiar with an Italian Horror classic by the man who brought you The Church and who played played a very meaningful role in the movie Demons. This was Argento's heir (of sorts) and an extremely talented filmmaker. If anyone sees fit to release Soavi's Cemetery Man aka Dellamorte Dellamore in the next year, you'll make this Italo-crazy collector a happy man. 

It's truly creepy, actually scary and all Italian!

From Blue Underground:

The new Special Edition Blu-ray & DVD of STAGEFRIGHT will finally be released on September 23, 2014.

DVD Art for the Blue Underground Release

Also known as AQUARIUS, DELIRIA and BLOODY BIRD, this brutal shocker has been newly transferred in gore-drenched High Definition from the original uncut and uncensored negative and comes loaded with exclusive new Extras:

• "Theatre Of Delirium" – Interview with Director Michele Soavi
• "Head Of The Company" – Interview with Star David Brandon
• "Blood On The Stage Floor" – Interview with Star Giovanni Lombardo Radice
• "The Sound Of Aquarius" – Interview with Composer Simon Boswell
• "The Owl Murders" – Interview with Make-Up Effects Artist Pietro Tenoglio
• Theatrical Trailer
• Poster & Still Gallery

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