Friday, June 20, 2014

REVIEW: Deported Women of the SS Special Section (Intervision DVD) Nazisploitation-Lite

I'm a fan of Italian film. Not just horror, but their crime genre as well as various other exploitation subgenres. I'm learning for the most part as we all are. Few of us can say we've truly seen it all, and that's a spectacular thing. We get to uncover new gems or get exposed to things like Deported Women of the SS Special Section. Deported Women is actually not one of my favorite Nazisploitation films unfortunately. While I can sing the praises of a picture like SS Hellcamp or The Gestapo's Last Orgy, Deported Women drags itself along without the same fervor as say the Ilsa movies. It's sense of humor is lost on me and its exploitable elements me be occasionally tantalizing, they do not make for a complete, entertaining viewing experience. 

Synopsis from Intervision:

One of the first Italian ‘Nazisploitation’ shockers is also one of the strangest: John Steiner (CALIGULA, TENEBRAE) stars as the depraved Commandant of a camp where beautiful women are brutalized, degraded, forced to submit to female officers, and trained to be prostitutes for the Reich. But will a mass escape attempt unleash the most sadistic tortures of all? Lina Polito (ALL SCREWED UP), Erna Schurer (SCREAM OF THE DEMON LOVER), Sara Sperati (SALON KITTY) and Solvi Stubing (STRIP NUDE FOR YOUR KILLER) co-star in this rancid slab of ├╝ber-sleaze from writer/director Rino Di Silvestro (HANNA D, WEREWOLF WOMAN), now presented totally uncensored including the notorious ‘cork & razor’ scene!

Perhaps it's the pacing that truly does it. For a movie that is a little over an hour and half you feel like you're always waiting for the big reveal. Not with tension in your neck and knees but with a sense of dull, white-washed boredom. There are some characteristic elements that are truly embodied in this particular picture from the exploitation world, but no one's eating feces while sensually rubbing it on herself while men watch and try not to masturbate. There's kink, but it's lighthearted. Deported Women may have wanted to be more of an erotic take on the Nazisploitation subgenre, but couldn't sell itself purely on that fact like Night Porter (one of my absolute favorites) or even Salo (not one of my favorites) could. 

Extras include an interview with the Director, Rino Di Silvestro, a history of the Sadiconazista genre with film Historian Dr. Marcus Stiglegger (also included on Intervision's Gestapo's Last Orgy disc) and an interview with star John Steiner. This is a DVD release, but you can tell that the source material has been beaten up over the years. This isn't a superb restoration so much as it's an attempt to get a piece of history to the audience, and I think that's a noble endeavor. 

Is Deported Women of the SS Special Section worth seeing? Yeah, it is because it is one of the first Italian exploitation films involving Nazis, but I don't think it will be your favorite release. Maybe this just isn't hardcore enough for me. Maybe Deported Women doesn't stand out because it's the lite of the Nazisploitation brand. Definitely a good starter film for those that might be squeamish about watching anything that might have Nazis associated with it that isn't a WWII movie released by Tom Hanks. Intervision challenges us as viewers and Deported Women of the SS Special Section is a challenging movie. Lots of vagina shaving... so there's that. 

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