Saturday, June 7, 2014

Sugar Cookies (Vinegar Syndrome Blu-ray) - Lynn Lowry and Mary Woronov Naked!

Not be a total 12 year old boy here, but Lynn Lowry and Mary Woronov are in Sugar Cookies naked for practically the entire goddamn movie. So if that interests you than you have a purchase to make from Vinegar Syndrome who has just released this one on Blu-ray. I don't know what I expected from Sugar Cookies. I hadn't heard of it previously and nothing save from some stills and the cover art could have prepared for the hot and bothered skin fest I was about to endure. It's a Troma movie first and foremost which is actually difficult to believe. Not because of the overwhelming use of the two sexy bods, but because there wasn't any violence. I suppose for a movie from 1971 it really is just a Troma property. Lloyd hadn't discovered his buddy Toxie yet and early on Troma was making amazing sex comedies, but this is actually, moderately highbrow for them... even with the abundance of nudity.

Synopsis from Vinegar Syndrome:

After the mysterious death of erotic film actress Alta (Lynn Lowry) while in the company of sleazy sex-film producer Max (George Shannon), her manipulative agent Camilla (Mary Woronov) begins searching for a ‘perfect replacement.’ After discovering a young, aspiring actress, Julie (also Lynn Lowry), Camilla and Max slowly groom her into a mirror image of Alta, but as Julie begins to become more aware of the sinister motives of her new caretakers, she also starts fearing for her own life.

So does putting to hottie actresses on screen naked for the entire picture work? Well it keeps your interest as the movie slowly winds its way through moments of intrigue, psychological mindfucks and seduction... lots of seduction. The opening scene and the ending are exceptionally strong, but somewhere in between the ears, this head drags along as a moderately difficult to follow mess. I suppose once you actually see the movie and the ending the whole thing actually makes a great deal of sense. That's probably why it's described as Hitchcockian, and I'll give it that. A Z grade Hitch, but we are talking about a movie that is written and directed by Lloyd Kaufman. Perhaps the most important thing to listen for when watching Sugar Cookies is Woronov's dialogue. She sly and almost royal but with an erotic edge that is hard to keep in your pants.

The disc comes with plenty of extras including a new video interview with Lloyd Kaufman, a new video interview with Lynn Lowry and a video interview with Mary Woronov. The disc also includes the theatrical trailer. This is a DVD/Blu-ray combo disc with updated artwork.  Notes: 4k Restoration from a 35mm negative. 1.85:1 AR.

If you have yet to experience an early Lloyd Kaufman picture I strongly recommend Sugar Cookies if you're looking for a more serious movie. Sure it's basically a skin flick, but there truly is an interesting tale once you get around some of the more intimate moments. Do not expect a full blown porn. It nearly has the feeling of a giallo as it's highly stylized with plenty of gratuitous moments of nudity. More blood and black gloves and the you might as well have filmed the damn thing in Italy.

Man I loved that opening. There's actually a great amount of tension, built and sustained impeccably.

You can order Sugar Cookies now.

-Doc Terror

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