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IHW: 8 BITS FROM HELL PART III - Fulci’s GOREway to Hell!!!

As our alias Hacktivision we take great pride in bringing you games that you only wish could exist. First we brought you a fake trailer for Lucio Fulci’s Zombie in 8 Bit to be played on the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) along with concepts for a few other games you might want to see during ITALIAN HORROR WEEK I. Then we returned to bring you two separate games, Demons and Conquest along with a  few other concepts that we wanted you to dream about during ITALIAN HORROR WEEK II: The Bava Count Continues. NOW… in 2014, we are bring you the epic trilogy created by the Italian Godfather of Gore, Lucio Fulci. Get ready to step into the gateway to HELL on your NES like you’ve never done before.


Here’s the faux game trailer. Keep reading below for instructions, game play details and some promo items that would normally be released in line with a triple threat of this type.

It’s important to remember that you would be buying three games or one limited edition package that would have three cartridges included. The cartridges are stackable. That means you have to fit them together to play variations of the game not unlike Sonic and Knuckles (see video of Sonic and Knuckles stackability). Take a look at the cartridge design for details.

There are many surprises in the full Gateways to Hell configuration beyond just playing a complete unofficial Italian Horror masterpiece. There are plenty of friends to guide you along your way or impede your battle. Dario Argento, the impaled native from Cannibal Holocaust, Lucio Fulci himself.

It is also important to note that this is a complete separate game from the House by the Cemetery concept from 8 Bits from Hell 2.  This is LUCIO FULCI’S House by the Cemetery and would be, of course, branded and approved by the estate (if it was real the estate would have to approve something this fan supported).

Here are some of the cameo appearances from Lucio Fulci’s Gateway to Hell:

Here is the cartridge configuration design:

Here is the packaging for each release and the limited edition set.


***Please note that LUCIO FULCI’S GATEWAYS TO HELL is a three cartridge stackable game for the Nintendo Entertainment System. The player will have the option of playing one of three different games in the Lucio Fulci Limited Edition Box Set either one at a time or in various configuration to be discussed in this manual***

From the manual:

Thank you for selecting Nintendo Entertainment System’s LUCIO FULCI’S GATEWAYS TO HELL!!!


1. Insert the one of the three LUCIO FULCI’S GATEWAYS TO HELL cartridges or other configuration of stackable variations and turn on the Nintendo machine. The story of either City of the Living Dead, The Beyond or House by the Cemetery will begin depending on which cartridge you have inserted in the primary position. If you would like to skip the story, press START.

2. The LUCIO FULCI’S GATEWAYS TO HELL, CITY OF THE LIVING DEAD, THE BEYOND OR HOUSE BY THE CEMETERY (depending on the iteration inserted into the deck) title screen should be on the screen. Use SELECT to play the game as LIZA MERRIL, MARY WOODHOUSE, GERRY, DR. JOHN MCCABE, EMILY, PETER BELL, LUCY BOYLE, BOB BOYLE.



A priest has killed himself and a bunch of absolutely atrocious acts of mutilation, dismemberment and debauch have plagued the small down of Dunwich. There are rumors that the end is near and that the Gates of Hell have in fact opened up. Never is this more apparent than when zombies begin to torment the living and each house in town seems to become haunted by a different form of evil.

As Mary Woodhouse, Peter Bell or Gerry you have to go from house to house among other locations in an attempt to figure out how to stop the undead from rising and to preempt the takeover of our world by minions of evil. Along the way you’ll encounter familiar faces of town’s folk who were once regular people but who are now servants of pure evil. Along the way you’ll find various weapons and items to assist you on your quest. The end is near. The gate is open. Time to close it before it’s too late.


Pushing RIGHT or LEFT on the controller moves MARY WOODHOUSE/PETER BELL/GERRY right and left.

UP and DOWN are used for climbing staircases. Anytime the pad is pushed UP and MARY WOODHOUSE/PETER BELL/GERRY is over staircase, he will immediately start climbing.

The A button is used for jumping or, when held, psychic force field.

The B button is for attacking using hands or other weapon obtained by simply walking over the weapon.

START pauses the game

Pushing SELECT while in the game is active will switch between various weapons.

Items and weapons include crystal ball, tarot cards, coffin, wooden spear, flamethrower, power drill, gravestone rubbing, fog lamp, puke bucket and fire extinguisher.



In SÉANCE MODE you play as Mary Woodhouse and try to complete game play using only your ability of premonition, telekinesis and pyro kinesis. Game play is more difficult, however winning in SÉANCE MODE earns certain benefits for GATES OF HELL MODE after unlocking secret, holy powers.


GATES OF HELL MODE allows the player to go beyond the normal level of Hell on Earth. While gameplay is identical to standard play, the enemies are more difficult to defeat, there are more of them. The end sequence is more complex in that you actually fight one of the children you’ve been trying to save who has become possessed by pure evil.


While there are rumors of a murder that occurred on the property, Liza feels pretty good about inheriting an old hotel in Louisiana. When a plumber goes down to fix a massive water link, nightmarish visions start to appear and mysterious accidents befall anyone who steps inside.

As Liza, Emily or Dr. John McCabe you must fight your way through a hotel that has been built over the Gateway to Hell. In addition to the hotel location, you’ll be forced to visit Emily’s House, the Hospital, The Library and The Graveyard. Each location contains an item that must be collected in order to close the Gateway to Hell, but remember there are 6 others just like it.


Pushing RIGHT or LEFT on the controller moves LIZA/EMILY/DR. JOHN MCCABE right and left.

UP and DOWN are used for climbing staircases. Anytime the pad is pushed UP and LIZA/EMILY/DR. JOHN MCCABE is over staircase, he will immediately start climbing.

The A button is used for jumping and when held, dog attack when playing as Emily.

The B button is for attacking using hands or other weapon obtained by simply walking over the weapon.

START pauses the game

Pushing SELECT while in the game is active will switch between various weapons.

Items include keys to the hotel room, nails, lye, a gun, acid, toilet plunger, Book of Eibon, boat, chains, floor plans to the hotel and spider repellent.


7 DOORS CHALLENGE is a time trial that allows you to race the devil against the clock. You must acquire seven objects that will lock all seven gateways to Hell before they are fully open and the world ends. The items are hidden in seven builds from around the world. Each building is unique and in a different country.

MULTIPLAYER COMBAT MODE pits you against another character from the game including enemies. You can play as Joe the Plumber, The Ungodly Warlock, Liza, Emily Dr. John McCabe or even as Lucio Fulci himself.


When it comes time to move into a new house, the family isn’t all that excited, but it sure seems like a nice place. It’s in the country, has plenty of scenery and hey, it’s only temporary right? Well, the house comes with some added guests including a few ghostly travelers from years past and one, dark, homicidal psycho surgeon by the name of Dr. Freudstein. When Dr. Freudstein unleashes his undead creation on to the house, you must fight to survive.

As Lucy or Bob Boyle you must fight the forces of evil unleashed through the house by the cemetery. The fight will take you through time, transporting you back to the time when Freudstein lived as a truly mad scientist before his death (or undeath as the case may be). Each floor of the house is a new level and the cemetery itself is full of artifacts that must be collected to fight the most evil doctor to ever live.


Pushing RIGHT or LEFT on the controller moves LUCY BOYLE/BOB BOYLE right and left.

UP and DOWN are used for climbing staircases. Anytime the pad is pushed UP and LUCY BOYLE/BOB BOYLE is over staircase, he will immediately start climbing.

The A button is used for jumping and holding down the button will produce a high pitched voice when playing as BOB or high pitched scream as LUCY.

The B button is for attacking with hands or other weapon obtained by simply walking over the weapon.

Items and weapons include a Freudstein jacket, medical tools, large butcher knife, bat wings, skeleton key, tombstone, portrait and maggot bag.

START pauses the game

Pushing SELECT while in the game is active will switch between various weapons.


BEAT DR. FREUDSTEIN is a short game that involves fighting the good doctor in a series of ever escalating battles. Each time you defeat Freudstein, your strength and experience will grow, but Freudstein will become more difficult to defeat in each subsequent encounter until you fight SUPER FREUDSTEIN!

CHOP SHOP MODE is a laboratory that allows the player to build their own psychotic, mad scientist creations out of body parts, mutant or human and create monsters that can actually be reinserted into game play using a CONTINUE CODE. Name your creations. Become DR. FREUDSTEIN!


In much the same way as Sonic and Knuckles for the Sega Genesis system, the GATEWAYS TO HELL game collection is stackable. Each movie contains a door on the top of the game that opens up to reveal a game console interface. This interface will accept each of the other games in the trilogy. Simply by combining the games, alternative game play is unlocked, the most cherished of which is LUCIO FULCI’S GATEWAYS TO HELL. Below includes details on some of the variations contained in the stacked configurations.


CITY OF THE LIVING DEAD/THE BEYOND creates a new structure in the middle of Dunwich, a hotel. This hotel is the final level and the hiding place for the Gateway to Hell. You can play as characters from either game and the enemies will appear interchangeably.

CITY OF THE LIVING DEAD/HOUSE BY THE CEMETERY occurs in the town of Dunwich a long time before the opening of the Gateway to Hell that fateful day. There is a force of evil that has risen out of the house of the recently deceased Dr. Freudstein. You must fight the evil within the town of Dunwich and battle Dr. Freudstein… younger, more powerful, more evil. You can play as characters from either game and the enemies will appear interchangeably. You have the added benefit of playing as SUPER FREUDSTEIN once you complete the game once. The second world, the world after initial completion takes place in present Dunwich, after the Priest has been killed.

THE BEYOND/HOUSE BY THE CEMETERY combines two of the most evil buildings in all of Italian Horror history into one mammoth mansion with strange levels of game play and constantly reconfigured rooms and staircases. You can play as characters from either game and the enemies will appear interchangeably. The ultimate goal is to pit the Ungodly Warlock of THE BEYOND against Dr. Freudstein after you transform into the Warlock via an incantation in the Book of Eibon.


By far the most popular way to play the game, LUCIO FULCI’S GATEWAYS TO HELL is a battle through all three of the previous games, but with continuity. Each level and enemy selection will completely homogenized over the entire game board between each of the three enemy sets. Playing any of the characters from the three separate games, the player must first fight through CITY OF THE LIVING DEAD in order to battle the evil of Dunwich and close one of the opened Gateways to Hell. Once completed, the player must go to the Freudstein House and fight for his life as Dr. Freudstein unleashes his own kind of hellfire onto the player. Once defeated, Dr. Freudstein gives the player the gift of adaptation, creating a newly formed, mad scientist created version of the player who is stronger and enhanced with certain supernatural powers. The player travels in time and space to the southern United States using the portrait he collects during his battle through the cemetery. The player will need all the help he can get as he enters the hotel in Louisiana to battle through the hotel to enter the Gateway to Hell. Once inside, the player must defeat THE DEVIL himself after fighting more advanced versions of both Dr. Freudstein and the Demon Child from CITY OF THE LIVING DEAD and the demonic duo of Joe the Plumber and the WARLOCK. Throughout your journey you may encounter evil characters from other Lucio Fulci feature movies or even his adversary, Dario Argento!

Go through the town into the house and travel in time and space to the hotel where one of the Gateways to Hell needs closing, but only after you face the ultimate evil and all his minions. THE FATE OF THE WORLD IS IN YOUR HANDS! ENTER LUCIO FULCI’S GATEWAYS TO HELL!!!

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Born and raised in southern West Virginia, Frank Browning's passion for art developed at a very young age. He spent time drawing his favorite characters from Marvel comic books while "Empire Strikes Back" played in the background. He continued to develop his talent throughout high school, and then took that talent to college. He graduated from Marshall University in Huntington, West Virginia, with a bachelor's in Graphic Design.

Frank has a broad range of talent and has designed for the likes of Spencer's, Hot Topic, FYE, HBO, Capcom, Epic Games, DC, Warner Brothers, and Jim Henson Company, to name a few. Many of his designs can still be found in Spencer's stores today.

Frank currently works for the West Virginia Department of Education and enjoys doing freelance design projects. He loves all things Horror, Star Wars, and Marvel, but his favorite thing is spending time with his wife and 2 year old son.


While it is not entirely certain from what time or space the creator of our 8 Bit audio clip comes from one thing is for certain, he was born with a light gun in his hand. The Konami code actually appears in his DNA and we hope that someday... he gets his Gameboy.  Sea O'Connor is an exceptionally talented musician and friend who has performed in such musical acts as Leema Mountain, Me Hate Me and Melatonin. Feel free to check out his musicHERE and support him like you would any set of finely crafted breasts. We hope to work with Sean on future 8-Bit renditions of the movies you love, the games you deserve on the system that was made specifically for people who like to stay up all night long with a 3 liter bottle of Mountain Dew and a bag of Cheese Puffs.

****Also a note. My favorite comicbook and t-shirt creator, Jeff Zornow designed the most wonderful image for a Rotten Cotton years back. We 8 bitted the image as a tribute to my favorite artist. Just wanted to make note of it because it's important to support artists you adore. Zornow Must Destroyed created everything from Jungle Jim 68 to Godzilla to the most amazing renditions of Halloween and Elvira.

Special thanks to Jeff Zornow for creating the most beautiful image of House by the Cemtery. Freudstein Must Be Destroyed!

Go by a print from this amazing artist!


  1. This is really cool stuff! The only problem though, is that you can't insert games from the top of the NES. I mean, I know this is a fake game, but still. You'd have to get a modified system or something.

    If you ever decide to make these games for real and start up a kickstarter, I'd yell "SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!". $100 down, no questions asked.

    I'd love to play these games man, truly amazing stuff.

    1. It would work like the old game genie with the carts sticking out of the door. They are slightly shorter than the normal carts. Of course the new Famicom systems are toploaders. I really wanted to build a manual for it but the damn things are so time consuming. We did a full manual for F13.

    2. The NES did come as a top-loading system, like the SNES, towards the end of it's run.

  2. Please someone make these games! They would even be awesome in app form.

  3. This blew my freaking mind. Thank you.