Sunday, July 13, 2014

IHW - Ahhh Art! Giveaway - Suspiria Poster!

Our good friends at Ahhh Art! Are back with a new giveaway special for Italian Horror Week. We have a poster they have created of Suspiria (pictured here) to giveaway to one lucky winner. We thank the Syracuse based art collective for offering up a beautiful prize. Suspiria was one of my first Italian Horror movies when I was a young horror fan. I loved the primary colors and the music as well as all the those lovely maggots.

Suspiria fans, this is a must enter contest. It is extremely simple to get in on this artwork.

I’d like you to check out their site HERE and go like their Facebook page HERE and especially make sure to enjoy their creative process. Support them with your dollars or support them by passing the site around. The next step is a bit more creative. Send me an email with subject line “The Only Thing More Terrifying Than The Last 12 Minutes Of This Film Are The First 92” (that’s one of the tagline’s from Suspiria) Include your name and mailing address as well as your favorite Argento film.

Thanks to Ahhh! Art! for donating these wonderful prizes. Your work is appreciated. For those of us who can’t create our own flyers. We have a friend in Ahhh! Art!

Also make sure to check out this awesome making of video they put together for their Black Sunday print.

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