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ELENA ANELE has been an amazing friend over the years. She's offered up a truly excellent Fabio Frizzi interview last year, and this year she's back to update us on the Dario Argento tour locations in Torino. That she gets to meet so many filmmakers I can only write about makes me want to pack my bags and head to Spain where horror still lives! 

Elena is the proprietor of Spanish Fear, a horror website dedicated to the horror of Spain as well as other related topics. She is also responsible for the podcast and site Horror Rises from Spain. Make sure to support all of her endeavors by following her on Twitter and Facebook. She's been udpating me on a few new Spanish Horror features regularly, and I can certainly tell you that while the great Paul Naschy may be gone, there is plenty to love about Spanish Horror today.

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Many Italian cult movies were shot in Torino, a beautiful city in the North of Italy, capital city of the Piamonte area. Directors such as Franco Martinelli o Massimo Dallamano chose this location for their feature films. But if there is one regista that needs to be highlighted talking about Torino this must be Dario Argento. Not one but eight of his works were made there. Do you Like Hitchcock?, Giallo, The Cat o’Nine Tails, Mother of Tears, Sleepless, Deep Red, Four Flies on Grey Velvet and Suspiria were the chosen ones. 

But where does this “Torino” obsession come from? The Italian director got to know this place when he was a teenager and he would describe it as a place full of squares, monuments, art deco houses and mansions that charmed him. In his dichotomy it would also be a city which fulfilled his impressive young mind with morbid and disturbing thoughts.

In the documentary Torino d’Argento from 2005 he says that Turin has many faces and that it is very interesting for him working around there. Maybe living there made him see the most interesting and fascinating aspects of the city because downtown there are some interesting neighbourhoods with beautiful mansions, but also the outskirts have special buildings and certain streets. Architecturally it is really beautiful. So he stays in Turin not only because it brings him good luck, but also because he likes it as the good scenario it is for his films and his  nightmares.

This Dario Argento Location Tour in Torino was created by Stefano Oggiano and Davide Della Nina (in the picture above) in order to pay tribute to the master of the gialli. Mr. Oggiano, co-founder of VIDEOCLIPROAD, is a director, musician and collector of everything Argento related. He has directed several documentaries such as Torino D’Argento (2005),  Planet Daemonia (2006),  A come Argento and Un Gatto d’Argento (2009).

Mr. Della Nina is an actor, documentarian and video production narrator. He is also in charge of BDProductions which main works are: Blu Bar (2002), Daemonia live in Torino (2003), Simonetti Project and The collectors *L’Argento dentro & Anima Goblin  (2010).

During the tour, this year on September 7, not only will you be able to visit the main locations of the films mentioned before but also Davide and Stefano will show you two original and authentic items from them: first the hatchet Marta (Clara Calamai) used in Deep Red, and second, the life cast used for the creation of serial – killer Flavio Volpe a.k.a. Giallo.

Here you have a video of last year edition: 

If you want to attend to this year tour, visit their Facebook event and become a fan of theirs:

Note from the Doc: Also make sure to stop by and check out  the interview Elena did with me on Horror Rises from the Spain.

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