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My good friend Austin Green usually writes up the Italian Horror Netflix post for Italian Horror Week, but the poor fella is a busy bee, so I’m taking up the cause. I hope you find this helpful. If you don’t have any Italian Horror in your house, you’ll still be able to access Italian Horror via Netflix Instant during the week of July 11th. These updates are fresh as of July 1st just after the most recent deletions.

This list is mostly Mario Bava which is a fantastic way to start your love for Italian Horror if your new to the genre. We have one independent release, on Argento and one Lenzi. If you find more please let me know and we can update the list accordingly. Start watching now.

Zombie Massacre

From Netflix - When a bacteriological weapon transforms a quiet little town's residents into zombie hordes, a band of mercenaries is sent in to eliminate the threat.

The ratings on this film generally aren’t good, however I can tell you that I found Luca Boni and Marco Ristori’s effort enjoyable. I realize the computer graphic effects in zombie flicks aren’t for everyone. Hell, they’re not in for me, but this is an example of a newer effort by an Italian filmmaker.

Argento’s Dracula

From Netflix - When an Englishman visits the castle of Count Dracula, he is entranced by the aristocrat but soon learns that the count has evil designs on his wife.

We’ve been over this before haven’t we? Dario Argento’s newest conception of Dracula isn’t overly good. It features at least one scene of intense CG insect monsterosity and some tremendous boobs. The poster is damn cool. If you haven’t enjoyed recent Argento efforts this won’t be the one that changes your mind.

Black Sabbath

From Netfix - In this 1963 trilogy of chilling tales, a beautiful woman's ex-lover terrorizes her, a father returns home a vampire, and a ghost haunts a nurse.

This is classic Bava with beautiful primary color back drops, Boris Karloff, anthology stories and genuine scares. This is the one I recommend to all my friends who haven’t seen an Italian Horror movie who can’t stand the gore and the guts of the 70’s and 80’s features. The movie for which the heavy metal band was named.

Black Sunday

From Netlflix - Two centuries after her execution, condemned witch Princess Asa returns from the dead to wreak vengeance on her killer's family.

Classic Bava and the one that broker ground for him as a director of horror, Black Sunday stars the beautiful Barbara Steele and feels like the precursor to much of what you might find in Spanish Horror under Paul Nashcy’s watch. Classic Gothic horror. Great music.

Baron Blood

From Netflix - In search of his roots, Peter Kleist visits his ancestor's castle, only to resurrect the castle's former occupant, a sadistic 16th-century nobleman.

Typical Bava with some solid production though not my favorite release of his. Only watched it once some time ago. Great poster art though.

Bay of Blood

From Netflix – When a man murders his heiress wife, her relatives set out to narrow the field of inheritors by going on a killing spree.

This is the one that gets Bava and Friday the 13th fans all riled up. It seems that the creators of Friday the 13th and more so Friday the 13th 2 enjoyed Bava’s classic tale of murder a bit too much and borrowed a bit from the kill sequences. Make your own decision. Also comes under the title of Twitch of the Death Nerve, one of the best alternate titles in the history of horror. One of my favorites. A fan favorite.

Kill Baby Kill

From Netflix - Suspicious deaths turn a peaceful village upside down, especially when residents learn that gold coins have been embedded in all the victims' hearts.

This is an iconic piece of Bava though not necessarily my favorite picture.

Lisa and the Devil

From Netflix - A pretty tourist is drawn into a terrifying world of madness and murder as she encounters an imbalanced aristocratic family and their creepy butler.

Slower Bava fare but starring Tele Savalas. If you don’t enjoy this version you can always try House of Exorcism also available on Netflix.

House of Exorcism

From Netflix - When a comely young tourist in Spain becomes possessed by Satan, American priest Father Michael does his best to exorcise the demon.

Did you like Lisa and the Devil? Well how about watching the remix? That’s what this Bava flick is starring Tele Savalas.

Hatchet for the Honeymoon

From Netflix – Although he seems like a harmless bridal shop owner, John is actually a serial killer, doing in his young customers on their wedding nights.

Hatchet for the Honeymoon is a Bava killer classic though I’ve always found its pacing a bit off. It’s well loved by Bava fans, and it deserves a re-watch by yours truly soon.

5 Dolls for an August Moon

From Netflix – An industrialist gathers a group of businessmen to unveil an exciting new chemical process. But soon the event takes a diastrous and deadly turn.

A Mario Bava Giallo classic with a great name, great music and a perfect murder mystery feel.

The Girl Who Knew Too Much

From Netflix – Nora and Edith are on vacation in Rome. But on their first night in Italy, Edith dies -- and Nora witnesses a murder on the Piazza di Spagna.

This is the one that started it all. 1963, Mario Bava, witness the birth of Giallo or at least one of the movies that would be widely considered its progenitor (few debate it but it gets debated and well… okay). Covered during a recent episode of Exorcast by yours truly and the podcast crew.

Nightmare City

From Netflix - After their plane lands near a radioactive spill, the passengers are transformed into flesh-eating zombies who set off on a feeding frenzy.

That Nightmare City is available on instant viewing and you haven’t watch it yet is a travesty. Just do it. Don’t call them “zombies” or Umbero Lenzi will hunt you down and chop the top of your head off and remove your genitals (no really… it’ll happen). This is a must watch!

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