Tuesday, July 15, 2014

IHW: Rosalba Neri - Not Your Average Devil's Wedding Night

I came by MORGUE ASYLUM through a chance meeting in a Facebook group this past year and have become a fan of his work. His visual creations are fantastic filled with great composition and near fanatical love for Italian Horror, cult and exploitation cinema. When Morgue starts a group or page on any social network or page you better make sure you brought your big boy panties because he doesn't fuck around. Gore. Nudity. Debauch. The things that excite us. All of these things are perfectly captured in his superior and educated rants that border on insanity but are actually the words of artist.

Currently the best way to check out Morgue's offerings are on through the Facebook group HOUSE OF BLOOD. His composites and lobby cards fuckin' rule.

The topic tonight is visually stunning with a fantastic horror pedigree as only Morgue could capture her. 

And also I wanted to share some of the gorgeous visual art that Morgue Asylum has created. All works are copyright Morgue Asylum. Please ask his permission before using. My sincerest hope is that some of these images will help you get into a new film.

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